The Key School has officially earned Maryland Green School Certification by the Maryland Association of Environmental & Outdoor Education. This designation comes after a lengthy application process that required an in-depth review of the School's programs and philosophy as well as substantiation of a sustained dedication to environmental initiatives.

A student leader in the school's Upper School, Jayda is active with several student groups and has competed in pageant contests since she was 5 years old. She organized the Students for Social Change's annual Diversity Day, held Feb 3. Jayda arranged two seminars for her schoolmates. One incorporated interactive activities designed to encourage the students' awareness of their own privileges, and a second session included a discussion based on what happened during the interactive sessions and how the students could be more inclusive.


Diversity at Key

From its inception, Key School distinguished itself as a School that promoted individuality and encouraged openness to differing ideas and perspectives. The School was equally dedicated, from the outset, to the principle that diversity in the cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds of its students was vital to the School’s ability to achieve the highest standards of learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Learning is maximized when students of differing abilities and backgrounds work together and develop an understanding of one another.

Highlighting this acknowledgement, the School’s early literature declared, “Key is a community institution that caters, not to the gifted or privileged few, but to all young people who are capable of profiting from its programs…. Although an independent school, Key does not think of itself as ‘private’ in any sense—we want to open our doors to all children.”

The Key School is committed to the principle that learning is maximized when students of differing abilities and backgrounds work together and develop an understanding of one another. This commitment to facilitate high standards in its day-to-day endeavors as a learning community is equaled by Key School’s dedication to the belief that a diverse educational environment is vital to the School’s fulfillment of its stated responsibility to prepare its students for the future—in terms of the challenges they will face, the responsibilities they will assume, and the impact they will have within an increasingly complex and pluralistic world community.

Key School's minority student percentage for the 2016-2017 school year is 34%.

Key 6th grader, Aliya Peremel's poetry submission, "Change," has been selected for publication in the 2017 World Artists' Experiences Anthology, Building a More Peaceful World Through Kindness and Compassion.

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A contingent of seven Upper School student leaders and two faculty members represented Key this month at the Diversity in the DMV conference, hosted and coordinated by The Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, MD. This regional conference is designed for high school students and faculty to engage in activities that develop their leadership and advocacy skills for diversity and inclusion programming in their schools.

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The theme for this year's Upper School Diversity Day was "A Seat at the Table," with conversations centering around the topics of inclusion and allyship. According to Jayda Graham '17 and Amari Kelly '17, leaders of Students for Social Change (SSC), the overarching goal of the morning's event was to create an inclusive community conversation where students were encouraged to speak up and "take their place at the Key School table" by providing students a safe space to share their thoughts and experiences.

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