Wesley "Wes" Shiflett graduated a few weeks ago from The Key School and is ready to ride off into the sunset, just like that iconic scene from many movies. Only, it won't be the end of Shiflett – or the movies he's created or the ones down the road that will someday bear his imprint.


Fusco Athletic Park

Key School completed a purchase agreement with the Annapolis Golf Course in November 2011 for a seventy-acre parcel of land located two miles from campus in the community of Annapolis Roads. Settlement took place on August 13, 2013.

By unanimous Board vote, the property was officially named the Key School Fusco Athletic Park, honoring the generous and long-time philanthropic support of current parents Kristin and Jack Fusco and the Fusco Family Foundation.

Key School plans to use this new property for recreational purposes, in support of its outdoor, environmental and athletic programs. The School’s administration and Board of Trustees will preserve and protect the existing natural areas to serve as outdoor spaces and to provide areas for recreational, conservation and horticultural activities.

Key School is committed to the stewardship of this exquisite property and to being a good neighbor to the residents of Annapolis Roads while also fulfilling the needs of our students.

What You Should Know

July 17, 2017: Construction of Fusco Athletic Park to begin in July 2017

Key School will break ground this Wednesday on construction of Fusco Athletic Park's site development plan, which was approved by the Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ) in September 2016.

The upcoming construction will not include any of thetraffic mitigation work asKey is awaiting a decision from the County Board of Appeals regarding the Traffic Mitigation Plan, which was approved by OPZ but appealed by the Annapolis Roads Property Owners Association (ARPOA) and several residents in Annapolis Roads. The hearings concluded mid-June, with a decision expected in early November.

As we move forward with the site development of Fusco Athletic Park, we will post updates and provide as much advance notice of activity as possible on www.keyschool.org/FuscoAthleticPark. Communication of posts also will be shared with the President of ARPOA.

Key School and its contractors will do our best to minimize disruption, however, we are aware there will likely be challenges at various junctures in the development process. Please share concerns with Irfan Latimer, Key's Director of Communication, at ilatimer@keyschool.org.

For safety reasons it is very important that all honor the "No Trespassing" signs posted on the property as the site will not be suitable for non-construction personnel. Additionally, the site will be monitored by video surveillance cameras.

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In early December, Board of Trustees President Joe Janney and Head of School Matthew Nespole sent a letter to all residents of Annapolis Roads in an effort to facilitate open communication regarding Fusco Athletic Park. Explaining that correspondence with the community has been intermittent over the past several years given pending legal appeals and the School's desire to work in conjunction with the ARPOA Board, Key provided residents with an informational sheet designed to answer questions and clarify what they can expect from Key as the development of Fusco Athletic Park moves forward. Click to view letter.

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Key School’s Board of Trustees and Matthew Nespole are pleased to announce Key’s Site Development Plan (SDP) and the grading permit plans for Fusco Athletic Park were formally approved in September 2016 by the Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits. Key and the County are currently defending the approved traffic mitigation plan before the County Board of Appeals. The School is moving forward in reviewing construction bid packages for the approved construction plans and hopes to announce a formal timeline for groundbreaking soon.

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News Coverage

Strolling the Property

Evolution of Key's Site Development Plan

The most recent Site Development Plan (SDP) has evolved over the course of the past three years, with adjustments to the initial concept plan resulting not only from feedback received from the County Office and Planning and Zoning (OPZ) but also from suggestions made by residents in Annapolis Roads and requests from the ARPOA board.

Removed from original concept plan: running track, 2 tennis courts, and 1 multi-purpose field which would have been placed behind resident homes adjacent to the property.

The final SDP comprises: 3 multi-purpose fields, 8 tennis courts, 1 baseball diamond, a nature trail, a parking lot, a pool, accessory buildings, and significant reforestation. This development plan will not be implemented all at once; rather, Key School is planning a phased construction of the project.

Final Site Development Plan
Approved November 2016

Updated Site Development Plan
Submitted May 2014

Revised Site Development Plan
Submitted January 2013

Preliminary Concept Plan
Submitted January 2012