Silly Putty Scientists

Second grade students began their study of the scientific method this week by investigating the properties of Silly Putty.

4th Grade Wigwam Design/Build

After studying the Chesapeake Bay region, 4th graders completed a design engineering project that integrated science, math, art, and social studies



KEYnotes from Matthew

One of my favorite activities is my annual shadowing of students. During the fall last year, I had the opportunity to be a 6th grade and 4th grade student. This year, at the end of this week, I will begin my shadow season as a 5th grader for a day.

I fully expect that I will not turn out to be Smarter than a "Key" 5th grader! I have no doubt Key 5th graders would run circles around the contestants on that national game show, if it was still running!

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