Fusco Athletic Park

K ey School completed a purchase agreement with the Annapolis Golf Course in November 2011 for a seventy-acre parcel of land located two miles from campus in the community of Annapolis Roads. Settlement took place on August 13, 2013.

By unanimous Board vote, the property was officially named the Key School Fusco Athletic Park, honoring the generous and long-time philanthropic support of current parents Kristin and Jack Fusco and the Fusco Family Foundation.

Key School plans to use this new property for recreational purposes, in support of its outdoor, environmental and athletic programs. The School’s administration and Board of Trustees will preserve and protect the existing natural areas to serve as outdoor spaces and to provide areas for recreational, conservation and horticultural activities.

Key School is committed to the stewardship of this exquisite property and to being a good neighbor to the residents of Annapolis Roads while also fulfilling the needs of our students.

Latest Updates on Fusco Athletic Park

  • Development Updates

    Posted January 18, 2017

    January 25, 2017
    • Due to rain earlier this week and the resulting ground saturation, the well installation timetable has been adjusted. Pre-drilling preparation work is scheduled to take place this Thursday and Friday, with drilling to begin on Monday. Equipment and vehicles involved in the preparation work and drilling will be accessing the property at the entrance across from the old clubhouse.

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  • Communication with Annapolis Roads Residents

    Posted December 2, 2016

    In early December, Board of Trustees President Joe Janney and Head of School Matthew Nespole sent a letter to all residents of Annapolis Roads in an effort to facilitate open communication regarding Fusco Athletic Park. Explaining that correspondence with the community has been intermittent over the past several years given pending legal appeals and the School’s desire to work in conjunction with the ARPOA Board, Key provided residents with an informational sheet designed to answer questions and clarify what they can expect from Key as the development of Fusco Athletic Park moves forward. Click here to view letter and information sheet.

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  • Site Development Plan Approved

    Posted November 30, 2016

    Key School’s Board of Trustees and Matthew Nespole are pleased to announce Key’s Site Development Plan (SDP) and the grading permit plans for Fusco Athletic Park were formally approved in September 2016 by the Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits. Key and the County are currently defending the approved traffic mitigation plan before the County Board of Appeals. The School is moving forward in reviewing construction bid packages for the approved construction plans and hopes to announce a formal timeline for groundbreaking soon.

  • Exciting Developments for Fusco Athletic Park

    Posted September 28, 2015

    On September 22, 2015, Anne Arundel County’s Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ) recommended approval of Key School’s final site development plan (SDP) for Fusco Athletic Park. This decision marks a very important milestone in the School’s efforts to break ground on this exquisite property.

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  • An Offer for Open Dialog

    Posted June 5, 2015

    Through a letter from its President in early June, ARPOA’s Board expressed interest in reengaging with Key in a constructive dialog with regard to Fusco Athletic Park. Responding on behalf of Key’s Board of Trustees, president Missy Attridge replied that Key School looks forward to meeting with representatives from the neighborhood once new Head of School Matthew Nespole has settled his family in Annapolis and has had the opportunity to become familiar with the project. With School ending and summer around the corner, members of Key’s Board are optimistic that productive meetings will begin to be held in August.

  • Update on Fusco Athletic Park Progress

    Posted April 28, 2015

    While it may appear that all has been quiet on the Fusco Athletic Park front since Key’s submittal of the latest Site Development Plan to the Anne Arundel County Office of Zoning and Planning (OPZ) in January, the process is indeed moving forward as expected.

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  • Site Development Plan Submitted

    Posted March 5, 2015

    In January 2015, Key School submitted its Site Development Plan (SDP) to the Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning (OPZ). The updated SDP incorporated feedback Key received from both residents of Annapolis Roads and the OPZ, and also included a traffic study commissioned by Key with an accompanying mitigation response. Key representatives have met with OPZ and are optimistic that approval will be achieved in the coming months. Enthusiasm is growing among those closely involved with the project for what Fusco Athletic Park will bring to Key’s students and programs. Exciting developments with regard to non-athletic use this spring will be forthcoming based upon the Joint Statement of Use developed by Key’s leadership and the ARPOA Board, as announced in November.

  • Interim Uses of Fusco Athletic Park Set

    Posted November 24, 2014

    Key School received a confirmation letter received from the County Office of Planning and Zoning on October 6, 2014, memorializing the interim uses permitted at Fusco Athletic Park. With receipt of the County's letter, the leadership of Key School and the ARPOA Board met and subsequently agreed upon the following Joint Statement of Use.

    Key is pleased that discussions with the ARPOA leadership will be ongoing.

  • Maryland Court of Appeals Declines Petition for Writ of Certiorari

    Posted October 3, 2014

    Key School was pleased to learn that the highest court in Maryland, the Court of Appeals, declined to grant a further appeal in the litigation involving Key's compliance with neighborhood covenants in the Annapolis Roads community.

    In this litigation, both the Circuit Court and the Court of Special Appeals have ruled that Key's plans for Fusco Athletic Park are fully in compliance with the restrictive covenants in Annapolis Roads regarding recreational and other uses on the property. Today's decision by the Court of Appeals ends the Plaintiff's litigation and affirms these lower court rulings.

    Key is moving forward with its redevelopment plans for the property.

    Click here to read the decision by the Court of Appeals.

  • Withdrawal of Annexation Petition

    Posted August 13, 2014

    In October 2013, Key’s Board President formally notified the City of Annapolis that Key School was requesting the withdrawal of a longstanding petition for annexation of the Annapolis Golf Club property. Click to read Missy Attridge’s letter to Mayor Josh Cohen.

  • Keeping Lines of Communication Open with Annapolis Road Neighbors

    Posted August 5, 2014

    On August 4, a letter was mailed to all residents of Annapolis Roads from Key School Board of Trustees President Missy Attridge. In addition to updating the residents about the ongoing discussions between Key School and the County Office of Planning and Zoning about the Adequacy of Public Facilities (APF) as it relates to traffic along Carrollton Road, the letter invited interested residents to a meeting at Key for additional exchange on the topic. Click here to read letter.

Evolution of the Site Development Plan

The most recent Site Development Plan (SDP) has evolved over the course of the past three years, with adjustments to the initial concept plan resulting not only from feedback received from the County Office and Planning and Zoning (OPZ) but also from suggestions made by residents in Annapolis Roads and requests from the ARPOA board. 

Removed from original concept plan: running track, 2 tennis courts, and 1 multi-purpose field which would have been placed behind resident homes adjacent to the property. 

The final SDP comprises: 3 multi-purpose fields, 8 tennis courts, 1 baseball diamond, a nature trail, a parking lot, a pool, accessory buildings, and significant reforestation.  This development plan will not be implemented all at once; rather, Key School is planning a phased construction of the project.

Final Site Development Plan
posting soon

Updated Site Development Plan
Submitted May 2014

Revised Site Development Plan
Submitted January 2013

Preliminary Concept Plan
Submitted January 2012