Wesley "Wes" Shiflett graduated a few weeks ago from The Key School and is ready to ride off into the sunset, just like that iconic scene from many movies. Only, it won't be the end of Shiflett – or the movies he's created or the ones down the road that will someday bear his imprint.



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Tom Abernathy '74Steve Correll '00Kevin Hoffman '90Marlene Niefeld '88
Linnea Africa '15Ron Council '87Jill Zachary Huff '85Elizabeth Tower Powell '75
Elise Altschuler '12Bretagne Cowling '87Joe Iagulli '08Devin Powers '05
Chris Angell '95Rachel Bielitz Crowder '02Carly Ivrey '09Reyna Pratt '83
AnonymousRoss Dierdorff '72Harry Ivrey '71Ned Purdon '97
Isaac Anthony '10Jeannie Berkinshaw Dixon '01Evan Jacobs '04Brad Riddle '05
Zane Anthony '12Alex Dombi '99Aaron Jolie '84Emily Rogers '09
Mark Asbury '81Megan Dombi-Leis '01Marielle Jones '15Seton Hurson Rossini '01
Jimmy Attridge '03Noah Donaldson '96Larry Kahn '76Heather Cory Ruegg '85
Tommy Attridge '10Will Dorsey '79Patrik Kast '12Shirin Sahandy '95
Alex Baca '07Fred Dulles '82William Kast '13Laura Savely '70
Beth Bafford '02Jib Edwards '82Eileen Kim '79Lee VonPein Schreitz '70
Margret Bailey '85Lexi Grosvenor Eller '91Mee Jean Kim '02Bree Schreitz '98
Sally Banner-Brown '87Page Ellerson '13Ken Kissel '86Carl Snowden '71
Ed Beach '81Anne Lipe Elmore '99Clem Knox '77Olivia Sparer '03
Gabriela Beavers '15Mary Iliff Ewenson '85Caroline Vaughan Kreutzer '06Sonja Olson Spence '00
Jeanette Beigel '04Andrew Falk '84Nadav Kurtz '96Walter Sterling '88
Amy Betz '94Elissa Favero '01Megan Latimer '14Becky Milner Stratton '81
Betsy Biern '84Rachel Feldman '03Conor Leahy '08Reggie Thomas '00
Joe Bilzor '82Sara Feldman '03Harry Legum '82Annabel Thompson '15
Dede Binder '88Keely Dunleavy Fitzpatrick '98Judd Legum '96Lauren Weiss Vogan '93
Elizabeth Dierdorff Birsner '03Meghan Foley '98John Lerch '87Rex Vogan '93
March Bishop '04Alexandra Fotos '72Eric Leshinsky '94Kerry Waite '92
Peter Bowe '74Regan Foy '09Mike Lester '87Benjamin Warner '98
Laura Adams Boycourt '99Anthony Fusco '09Danielle Lowe '04Dara Warner '01
Kirra Brandon '97Chris Fusco '10Jen Hickes Lundquist '91Natalie Watson '95
Jacqueline Brockhurst '10Jen Hamill Gatza '71Carter MacLeod '14David Waymouth '03
Kelly Buckley '10Lindsey Ellerson Goebel '01Jacob Maldonado '09Becky Rich Wendler '74
Joe Butler '72Diane Greene '72Suzie Matthews '93Cara Westholm '98
Lindsay Campbell '95Marion Blackwall Greene '96Lisa May '72Derby Anderson White '02
Jenna Carter '07Sonia Grover '93Troy Mayer '06Thomas While '86
Chelsea Hartman Chaney '07Glencora Gudger '05Brooke Madden McCloskey '97Trevor While '03
Frank Chaney '75John Michael Gudger '03Kathleen McDevitt '97Crystal Watkins Williams '99
Hall Chaney '02Susan Haas '76Heather McHold '87Andrea Kames Wood '98
Sally Bridgman Cheston '78Jessica Haile '87Martha Melsom '12Larry Worthington '79
Brian Cimbolic '00Katie Lowry Hall '98Aby Milner '85Erin Wright '16
Peter Cimbolic '95Liza Hamill '74Ann LaPides Misenheimer '73Courtney Herlihy Wucetich '97
Caroline Clevenger '87Quinn Hanchette '87Laura Brennan Moltz '04Alyssa Cohen Zelman '87
Josh Cohen '90Katie Harrison '01Joe Moore '08Anne Young Zolkower '75
Nat Cohen '83L. Spencer Harrison '89Erin Dunleavy Morgan '74
Martha Conway-Cole '86Meagan Buck Heffernan '03John Moses '98
Lyn Grady Cook '76Staci Bafford Hodge '99Bumper Moyer '82