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    2014-2015 Alumni Fund

    The 2014-2015 Alumni Fund has kicked off and we need your help to achieve this year's goal of $535,000. Thank you to the following alumni that have already made a gift:

    Class of 1970
    Lee Schreitz

    Class of 1971
    Jan Hamill
    Harry Ivrey

    Class of 1972
    Ross Dierdorff
    Alex Fotos
    Diane Greene

    Class of 1973
    Ann LaPides Misenheimer

    Class of 1974
    Thomas Abernethy
    Peter Bowe
    Liza Hamill
    Erin Dunleavy Morgan
    Becky Wendler

    Class of 1975
    Elizabeth Tower Powell
    Anne Zolkower

    Class of 1976
    Alexis Abernethy
    Susan Haas
    Larry Kahn

    Class of 1977
    Clem Knox

    Class of 1978
    Sally Bridgman Cheston

    Class of 1979
    Larry Worthington

    Class of 1980
    Allen Wastler

    Class of 1981
    Ed Beach
    Chris Bortner

    Class of 1982
    Fred Dulles
    Jib Edwards
    Bumper Moyer

    Class of 1983
    Sarah Schenck

    Class of 1984
    Betsy Biern

    Class of 1985
    Jill Zachary Huff
    Heide Ruegg
    Peter Welch

    Class of 1986
    Martha Conway-Cole
    Ken Kissel

    Class of 1987
    Caroline Clevenger
    Ron Council
    Bretagne Cowling
    Jessica Haile
    Michael Lester
    Heather McHold
    Jeff Symonds
    Alyssa Cohen Zelman

    Class of 1988
    Marlene Niefeld

    Class of 1989

    Class of 1990
    Morgan Cohen
    Kevin Hoffman

    Class of 1991
    Lexi Grosvenor Eller

    Class of 1992
    Jennifer Alspach
    Kerry Waite

    Class of 1993
    Sonia Grover
    Suzie Matthews

    Class of 1994
    Amy Betz

    Class of 1995
    Christopher Angell
    Lindsay Campbell
    Ruthann Linton Schenkel

    Class of 1996
    Judd Legum

    Class of 1997
    Brooke Madden McCloskey
    Nils Reuter

    Class of 1998
    Justin Cuniff
    Meghan Foley
    Bree Schreitz
    Ben Warner
    Andrea Kames Wood

    Class of 1999
    Charlie Berkinshaw
    Laura Adams Boycourt
    Ben Tengwall

    Class of 2000
    Stephen Correll

    Class of 2001
    Megan Dombi-Leis
    Elissa Favero
    Lindsey Ellerson Goebel
    Allison Roper
    Dara Warner

    Class of 2002
    Derby Anderson
    Beth Bafford
    Hall Chaney
    Rachel Bielitz Crowder

    Class of 2003
    Jimmy Attridge
    Jessica Jones Breaux
    Alex Dombi
    Meagan Buck Heffernan
    Olivia Sparer
    David Waymouth

    Class of 2004
    Jeanette Beigel
    March Bishop
    Laura Brennan
    Allison Hunt
    Evan Jacobs
    Danielle Lowe
    Randy Perillo, Jr.

    Class of 2005
    Devin Powers
    Christie Richardson
    Alex Woodward

    Class of 2006
    Channing Martin
    Troy Mayer
    Luke Williams

    Class of 2007
    Chelsea Hartman Chaney

    Class of 2008
    Lauren Flynn
    Conor Leahy
    Alison Rogers
    Nikki Simmons

    Class of 2009
    Regan Foy
    Anthony Fusco
    Jake Maldonado
    Emily Rogers

    Class of 2010
    Tommy Attridge
    Chris Fusco
    Susanne Moore

    Class of 2011

    Class of 2012
    Zane Anthony

    Class of 2013

    Class of 2014
    Carter MacLeod

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Faces @ Key

  • Rachel_Haile_2.jpg

    Rachel Haile - Class of 2000

    How do you feel the program at Key prepared you for college and beyond?
    So many ways. At Key, I learned how to write, how to think and how to build an argument. Those skills helped me immensely at Grinnell College. But I also learned more uncommon skills: how to pitch a tent, how to sing on stage, how to be quiet and truly focus on the task at hand. There’s more to life than measurable achievement. And I started on the path to understanding that at Key.

  • A._Cook_Roland_03.jpg

    Allison Cook Roland - Class of 2003

    What piece of advice do you have for current Key School students and/or parents?
    It is easy when thinking about college to become narrow minded in the path you think you need to take and the AP classes you need. Don't focus too much on one path. Diversity is good. Branch out and try new things. And it is definitely ok to change your mind.

    There are so many extracurricular activities offered at Key. Try them all. Upper School is the time to start figuring out what you really like. Never turn down an opportunity.

    Lastly, always have a Plan B… and probably a Plan C, too!