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    2014-2015 Alumni Fund

    The 2014-2015 Alumni Fund has kicked off and we need your help to achieve this year's goal of $510,000. Thank you to the following alumni that have already made a gift:

    Class of 1970
    Lee Schreitz

    Class of 1971
    Harry Ivrey

    Class of 1972

    Class of 1973

    Class of 1974
    Thomas Abernethy
    Erin Morgan Dunleavy

    Class of 1975

    Class of 1976

    Class of 1977

    Class of 1978

    Class of 1979

    Class of 1980

    Class of 1981

    Class of 1982

    Class of 1983

    Class of 1984

    Class of 1985
    Peter Welch

    Class of 1986

    Class of 1987

    Class of 1988

    Class of 1989

    Class of 1990

    Class of 1991

    Class of 1992

    Class of 1993

    Class of 1994

    Class of 1995

    Class of 1996

    Class of 1997

    Class of 1998

    Class of 1999

    Class of 2000
    Stephen Correll

    Class of 2001
    Lindsey Ellerson Goebel

    Class of 2002

    Class of 2003

    Class of 2004
    Jeanette Beigel
    March Bishop
    Laura Brennan
    Allison Hunt

    Class of 2005
    Devin Powers

    Class of 2006

    Class of 2007

    Class of 2008

    Class of 2009

    Class of 2010

    Class of 2011

    Class of 2012

    Class of 2013

    Class of 2014
    Carter MacLeod

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Faces @ Key

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    Caroline Thomas - Class of 2012

    Key taught me independence and instilled in me a love for exploration and learning. I truly believe that I would not have been as successful in college without the strong academic base I received at Key. I would tell any current or potential Key School family that attending Key from fourth through twelfth grade was one of the best decisions my family and I made for my future.

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    Charlie Goodman '05

    These things were invaluable in preparing me for life after Key. I graduated with a clear idea of who I was, and with confidence in my capabilities as a student and, really, as a person in general. There is so much room to be yourself at Key – individuality is encouraged and nourished.