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Faces @ Key

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    Charlie Goodman '05

    These things were invaluable in preparing me for life after Key. I graduated with a clear idea of who I was, and with confidence in my capabilities as a student and, really, as a person in general. There is so much room to be yourself at Key – individuality is encouraged and nourished.

  • Lindsey_Goebel_01.jpg

    Lindsey Ellerson Goebel - Class of 2001

    When you visit Key 20 years from now, what would you hope to find?
    "I would hope to find a similar sense of community that I experienced, as well as many of the same teachers that made the experience special for me. My sister Page, ’13, and I had a lot of the same teachers and it’s really fun for us to share that experience. It’s a testament to the school that many of the teachers have been a part of the faculty for 15+ years.”