The Key School has officially earned Maryland Green School Certification by the Maryland Association of Environmental & Outdoor Education. This designation comes after a lengthy application process that required an in-depth review of the School's programs and philosophy as well as substantiation of a sustained dedication to environmental initiatives.

A student leader in the school's Upper School, Jayda is active with several student groups and has competed in pageant contests since she was 5 years old. She organized the Students for Social Change's annual Diversity Day, held Feb 3. Jayda arranged two seminars for her schoolmates. One incorporated interactive activities designed to encourage the students' awareness of their own privileges, and a second session included a discussion based on what happened during the interactive sessions and how the students could be more inclusive.


communiKEY networking

communiKEY is Key's first formal networking program aimed at linking alumni, parents of alumni, current parents, grandparents, and other community members with current students and young alumni through both personal and professional interests.

With more than 5,000 enthusiastic and talented individuals connected to The Key School, this community is more vibrant than ever. In the spirit of Key's mission of developing students into "informed, thoughtful and constructive members of society, with a lifelong commitment to learning," more and more members of the Key community desire the opportunity to connect and network with other members of the Key community.

This program is designed to create networking matches based on:

  • Personal and Professional Interests
  • Communication Preferences
  • Desired Frequency of Communication
  • Networking interests and opportunities

Community members who are interested in communiKEY should:

  1. Register as a Mentor OR register as a Mentee
  2. As mentors and mentees sign up and interests align, matches will be assigned by The Key School Alumni Office based on your interests and goals.
  3. An introduction will be made through email to the newly matched mentor and mentee.
  4. From there, the mentor and mentee will determine the goals and framework of their match.
While every effort will be made to match mentors and mentees as quickly as possible, we strive to match individuals based on shared similar interests. As we begin communiKEY, we appreciate your patience as we ensure that each match is a success.

For Mentors

  • Answer questions about your profession
  • Review a resume
  • Conduct a mock interview
  • Host a Senior Project for a Key student
  • Speak to students in the classroom
  • Provide internship opportunities
  • Provide employment opportunities

For Mentees

  • Ask questions pertaining to your professional interests
  • Submit a resume for review
  • Participate in a mock interview
  • Participate in job shadowing
  • Seek possible internship opportunities
  • Seek possible employment opportunities