Life After Key

Life After Key

Key alumni regularly demonstrate a lifelong commitment to learning, a core value the School seeks to ignite in its students. While significant focus is placed on college acceptances and matriculations for Key seniors each year, it is important to note that many Key alumni pursue advanced degrees in myriad arenas.

Below is a sampling of post-graduate work recently completed by our alumni.

  • American University: J.D.
  • Antioch University: M.A., Education; M.S., Environmental Science, Environmental Education
  • Babson College: M.B.A.
  • Boston College: J.D.
  • Boston University: M.B.A., Health Sector Management and Operations & Technology Management
  • Brown University: M.A.; M.F.A.; Ph.D.
  • California Institute of Technology: M.S., Environmental Engineering
  • Carnegie Mellon University: M.S., Public Policy and Management
  • Catholic University of America: M.S.W., Social Work
  • Christian Brothers University: M.B.A.
  • Columbia University: M.A., Instructional Technology; M.A., Journalism; M.B.A.; M.P.H., Health Policy Analysis; M.S.; M.S., Journalism - Magazine Writing; Ph.D.
  • Cornell University: M.F.A.
  • Dartmouth College: Ph.D.
  • Delft University of Technology: M.S., Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
  • Drexel University: M.S., Interior Design
  • Duke University: M.A., Computer Science; M.B.A., Social Entrepreneurship; M.E.M., Environmental Management; M.M.S.; Ph.D., Computer Science; Ph.D., English Literature and Literature/Letters
  • Eastern Michigan University: M.S., International Relations
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School: M.D.
  • Fordham University: J.D.
  • Framingham State College: M.Ed., Art Education
  • George Washington University: M.A., Medical Anthropology; M.A., Paralegal Studies; M.A., Philosophy; M.A., Speech Language Pathology; M.P.H., Global Environmental Health; M.S., Engineering; M.S., Neuroscience
  • Georgetown University: J.D.; M.A.; M.B.A.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology: M.S., Chemistry; Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering; Ph.D., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Harvard University: Ed.L.D.; J.D.; MAUD; M.B.A.; M.D.; M.P.H.; M.P.P., Social and Urban Policy; M.S., Society, Human Development and Health, Maternal and Child Health, Women, Gender and Health; Ph.D.; Ph.D., History; Ph.D., M.D.
  • HEC Paris, School of Management: M.A., Media, Communication
  • Hult International Business School: M.B.A.
  • Indiana University: M.A.; Ph.D., Folklore
  • Iowa State University: M.Ed., Higher Education, Higher Education Administration
  • James Madison University: M.Ed., English
  • The Johns Hopkins University: M.A., English Language and Literature/Letters; M.A., Teaching; M.S., Applied Economics; M.S., Marketing; M.S., Political Science; M.S., Public Health, Human Nutrition, International Health; M.S.P.H.; Ph.D., Political Science
  • Le Moyne College: M.S., Physician Assistant Studies
  • Lincoln University: M.H.S., Civil Rights
  • London Business School: M.B.A.; Executive M.B.A. - Global
  • London School of Economics and Political Science: M.S., Diplomacy and International Strategy
  • Loyola University Maryland: M.S., Clinical Psychology
  • Loyola Marymount University: M.A., Education Policy and Administration
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions: M.S., Speech-Language Pathology
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: M.B.A.; M.S., Naval Architecture
  • Mercer University: M.S.N., Nursing
  • Michigan Technological University: Ph.D., Rhetoric
  • National University: M.S., E-Commerce
  • The New School: M.F.A., Creative Writing for Children and Teenagers
  • New York University: M.A., Film; M.B.A., Finance, Economics; M.B.A., Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation; M.Ed., Education; M.F.A.; M.M., Music Composition; M.P.A., Health Care Policy and Management
  • North Carolina State University: D.V.M.
  • Northeastern University: M.A., Homeland Security, Emergency Planning & Geographic Information Technology
  • Northwestern University: Ph.D., History, Ph.D.
  • Notre Dame of Maryland University: M.A., Leadership Training
  • The Ohio State University: J.D.
  • Old Dominion University: M.S.; Ph.D.
  • Pennsylvania State University: M.B.A.
  • Pepperdine University: M.Ed., Education
  • Rice University: M.Arch.; M.B.A.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: M.S., Printing Technology
  • Saint Louis University: J.D.
  • Savannah College of Art and Design: M.A., Luxury and Fashion Management
  • Smith College: M.A., Womens & Gender Studies
  • Southern Methodist University, Dallas: M.F.A., Stage Design
  • Southwestern Law School: J.D.
  • Stanford University: J.D.; M.B.A.; M.A.; Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Stetson University: M.B.A.
  • Stevenson University: M.S., Business and Technology Management
  • Teachers College, Columbia University: M.S., Nutrition Education
  • Texas A&M University: M.S.
  • Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson Medical College: M.S., Exercise Physiology; Ph.D.
  • Towson University: M.A.
  • Trinity College, Dublin: M.Phil., Speech and Language Processing
  • Tufts University: M.D.
  • University College London: M.A., English; M.B.A.
  • University of Baltimore: J.D.
  • University of Birmingham: M.S., Railway Systems Engineering and Integration
  • University of California, Berkeley: M.A.; M.B.A.; M.C.P., City Planning; M.C.P./M.S., Transportation Planning and Engineering; M.S., Chemistry; M.S., Civil Engineering, Project Management; M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering; M.S., Computer Science; Ph.D., Psychology
  • University of California, Irvine: M.A., Comparative Literature
  • University of California, Los Angeles: M.B.A.
  • University of California, San Diego: M.F.A., Acting; M.S., Pacific International Affairs, Japanese and International Politics; Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
  • University of California, San Francisco: Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences & Pharmacogeomics
  • University of Chicago: J.D.; M.B.A., Health Administration; Ph.D., Astrophysics
  • University of Colorado: J.D.
  • University of Delaware: M.A., History
  • University of Denver: Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
  • University of Hartford: M.F.A.
  • University of Houston: M.F.A.
  • University of Illinois, Champlain: D.V.M.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Ph.D., Education Policy, Organization, Leadership
  • University of Kentucky: M.F.A., English; Ph.D., English
  • University of Maryland: J.D.; M.A., Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; M.B.A.; M.C.P., Community Planning; MRED, Real Estate Development; M.S., Civil Engineering; M.S., Electrical Engineering; M.S., Nursing; M.S., Project Management; M.S., Physics; M.S.W., Clinical, Mental Health; Ph.D.; Ph.D., Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology; Ph.D., Philosophy; Ph.D., Physics
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore: M.S.W., Children & Families; M.S.W., Clinical and Mental Health; M.S., Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County: M.P.P.
  • University of Maryland, University College: M.S.M., Human Resources Management; International Studies, Organizational Management
  • University of Massachusetts, Isenberg: M.B.A.
  • University of Miami: D.P.T., Physical Therapy; M.S., Marine Affairs & Policy
  • University of Michigan: J.D.; M.A., Anthropology; M.A., Elementary Education; M.B.A.; M.S., Mechanical Engineering; Ph.D., Anthropology; Ph.D., Computational Chemistry
  • University of Minnesota: M.S., Public Affairs
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte: Ph.D., Counselor Education and Supervision
  • University of Pennsylvania: D.V.M.; M.Arch., Architecture; M.B.A.; M.S., Computer and Information Technology; M.S., Systems Engineering; Ph.D., Demography, Sociology
  • University of Rochester: M.B.A., Finance
  • University of San Diego: J.D.
  • University of San Francisco: M.A., Sports Management; M.B.A., Business Administration, Management and Operations
  • University of Southern California: M.F.A.; M.P.H.
  • University of Tampa: M.A., Communications
  • University of Tennessee: M.S., Mental Health Counseling
  • University of Texas, Austin: Ph.D., Marine Seismology, Geophysics
  • University of Texas at San Antonio: M.A., Kinesiology and Health Promotion
  • University of Vermont: M.S., Mental Health Counseling
  • University of Virginia: J.D.; Ph.D., History
  • University of Washington: M.A., Art History; M.B.A., Management
  • University of West Florida: M.A., Interdisciplinary Humanities
  • Vermont Law School: J.D., Master of Environmental Law and Policy
  • Villanova University: M.S.F.
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: M.S., Biology, Exercise Physiology; M.S., Biomedical Veterinary Sciences; M.S., Health Education & Promotion
  • Wake Forest University: M.D.
  • Washington University in St. Louis: M.S.W., Social Work
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute: M.E., Biomedical Engineering;
  • Yale Divinity School: MDIV
  • Yale University: M.B.A.; M.D.; M.P.H.; M.S.
  • Xavier University: M.Ed., Children & Families
  • 2015 Upper School Career Day

    Twenty-three alumni returned to The Key School in December 2015 to talk with Upper School students and faculty about their professions. Read below to learn more about their journeys after Key.

    Faith Thomas '72

    Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

    Faith oversees the Enterprise Community Partners’ legal department and manages corporate governance, labor and employment, litigation, contracts, intellectual property and administrative, regulatory and compliance matters, as well as the negotiation, and closing of multiple types of transactions.

    Mary Iliff Ewenson '85

    Publisher/Owner, SpinSheet Magazine

    Mary is publisher and owner of SpinSheet, a magazine devoted to Chesapeake Bay sailing. She is also part of the ownership team for the Annapolis Boat Shows.

    Adrienne Garton Cruz '88

    Owner, Annapolis Language School

    Adrienne is responsible for hiring teachers, teaching adult learners, and managing the entire school which helps teach Spanish to preschool-aged children, toddlers, and adults.

    China McHold Campbell '89

    Psychotherapist, Private Practice

    China is a licensed professional counselor who offers psychotherapy to children, teens, and parents on a variety of issues including OCD, anxiety, ADHD, and family issues.

    John Mummert '91

    Assistant Director Communications/Creative Services, United States Golf Association

    John oversees the production and creation of all visual content including video, photography and graphics. This content can be seen on TV, internet and printed publications across the globe. Prior to assuming this position, John was a photojournalist with more than 20 years experience. He served as the USGA’s Senior Photographer for more than 15 years.

    Sarah Balch Green '97

    Vice President, GMMB

    GMMB is an organization that advances progressive causes and issues like maternal and child health, global nutrition, social justice, financial literacy, education, consumer protections, and more. Sarah’s job is to work with clients to develop and executive marketing strategies that deliver a message and get results.

    James Houck '97

    Editorial Director, What’s Up? Media, Inc.

    James develops the editorial strategy, schedule, and production process from concept to completion (creating, evaluating, proofing, revising, and approving of editorial content, layout positioning, and graphic aesthetics) of the monthly print magazines: What's Up? Annapolis, What's Up? Eastern Shore, What's Up? West County, and What's Up? Weddings, among others.

    Charlie Berkinshaw '99

    Founder/Owner, Element [Shrub]

    Charlie is the founder/owner of Element [Shrub], a line of vinegar-based mixers that can be used for cocktails, mocktails, and cooking, a project started when his wife was pregnant as a non-alcoholic alternative to juice and soda. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the business including production, packaging, distribution, sales, finances, and marketing.

    Crystal Watkins Williams '99

    Senior Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs and Compliance

    Crystal develops, interprets, and ensures compliance with academic policies and regulations and resolves student, faculty, or program academic issues.

    Jake Halbig '03

    All-Source Intelligence Analyst, National Security Agency

    Jake draws on the various intelligence disciplines and uses raw intelligence data to formulate analysis on targets of interest in various areas of responsibility. This includes research, writing reports, and briefing mid and senior level civilian and military personnel in the intelligence community.

    Gabrielle Picard '03

    Nurse Practitioner, Chesapeake Elder Call

    Gabrielle is a primary care nurse practitioner who specializes in caring for patients who are 55 years and older. These patients, many of whom are home bound, require home visits for their regular check-ups and other medical needs.

    Josh Brickman '04

    Master Data Analyst, Under Armour

    Josh ensures data quality for Under Armour products and systems. He is currently working on a project to pull data from a number of older systems to a one new centralized solution.

    Colin Hood '04

    Judge Advocate General Corps, Trial Counsel, United States Navy

    Colin is an attorney in the Navy JAG Corps and currently works as a trial counsel prosecuting misconduct within the United States Navy.

    Danielle Lowe '04

    Manager of Community Affairs, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

    Danielle listens to and engages with the Cystic Fibrosis community to identify and inform projects throughout the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She is especially dedicated to working with adults with Cystic Fibrosis.

    Randy Perillo, Jr. '04

    President, ARK Construction Group, Inc.

    Randy manages the design, engineering and construction of commercial mechanical systems. He works with building owners, developers, general contractors, engineers, architects, tradespeople, manufacturers, and others to implement a design and execute its construction.

    Brad Riddle '05

    Electrical Engineer, Signal Systems Corporation

    Brad designs and tests components of electronic devices for government and commercial customers. His areas of work include radar, sonar, acoustics and noise cancellation.

    Jenna Carter '07

    Senior Social/Content Strategist, FleishmanHillard

    Jenna leads social media strategy, online content development and creative marketing for brands in multiple industries. Currently, she works with a variety of clients, including Google, Hallmark Cards, Philips and Samsung, to create interesting and creative social marketing programs, leads global social strategy, and collaborates with teams across the globe to drive social media integration.

    Lindsay Johnson '07

    Associate Artistic Director, Academy Ballet School of Annapolis; Dance Teacher, The Key School

    In addition to serving as the Dance Teacher at Key, Lindsay is a certified dancer with the Royal Academy of Dance. At the Academy Ballet School of Annapolis, she prepares students for the Royal Academy of Dance exams and choreographs, designs, and stages performances each year.

    Paul Beatty '08

    Special Assistant to the Lieutenant Governor, State of Maryland

    As Special Assistant, Paul manages the Lieutenant Governor as an executive and politician. He travels with the Lieutenant Governor to all events, including state functions, summits, site tours, galas and travels in-state, domestically, and internationally. He oversees his scheduling and is in charge of gathering briefing information for each appearance.

    Patrick Ewing '08

    Web Developer, RedZone Technologies

    Patrick does both web design and web development, designing the look and feel of web sites/applications as well as programming various functions and features into them. He is also the administrator of his company’s website, managing site content, users, and plugins.

    Isaac Anthony '10

    Software Developer, Optoro, Inc.

    Optoro, Inc. is in the sustainable commerce industry, helping retailers sell their returned and excess inventory. Isaac works on a team that designs, develops, and tests software related to automatically pricing and merchandising products.

    Tyler Holland '10

    French Instructor, Eastport Elementary; Operations French Liaison, French Wine Importer

    Tyler serves as the French instructor for grades PK-5 at Eastport Elementary School and also works for a French wine distributor in Annapolis, contacting wine producers in France and travelling back and forth to meet with farmers.

    Morgan Lindsay '10

    Graphic Designer, Noblis

    Morgan is contracted by the FAA to provide outreach support and design services for SWIM (System Wide Information Management), a program that provides real time weather, aeronautical and flight data through a single connection. I design a host of collateral which include briefs, event materials, and web graphics.

    2014 Upper School Career Day

    Harry Ivrey '71

    Harry Ivrey ’71 is the owner of Workable Web Solutions, where he figures out what website owners want to accomplish, what their prospective audiences want, and how to bring the two together.

    Peter Bowe '74

    Peter Bowe ’74 is President of Ellicott Dredges, a small but global manufacturer of dredging equipment, with plants in three countries and sales to over 20 countries. He travels extensively across the United States and the world.

    Chuck Eser '76

    Chuck Eser ’76 serves as the Director of the MEBA Engineering School where he supervises academic and operational activities, monitors and controls instructional, operational, and maintenance budgets, and coordinates promotional activities and organizational representation to the maritime industry.

    Ed Beach '81

    Ed Beach ’81 is the Lead Game Designer for Firaxis Games and leads a team of four programmers developing gameplay logic and artificial intelligence software for PC computer strategy games. During the past five years he has worked on the computer game Civilization V.

    Juliet Dulles '87

    Juliet Dulles ’87, Program Evaluator for the U.S. Department of State, designs and conducts performance and impact evaluations of U.S. Department of State public diplomacy programs.

    Stuart Martin, PhD '88

    Stuart Martin, PhD ’88 is an Associate Professor of Physiology at the University of Maryland and serves as the director of a lab at the school that examines how current cancer drugs affect tumor cells to help ensure that therapies aimed at tumor growth do not inadvertently increase long-term metastasis.

    Andrew Clevenger '89

    Andrew Clevenger ’89 is the D.C. Correspondent for The Bend Bulletin (Oregon), where he covers politics and federal regulation. His time is split between reporting (talking to sources and finding information) and writing articles that appear in print and online.

    Aimee Kreimer, PhD '93

    Aimee Kreimer, PhD ’93 is an Infections & Immunoepidemiology Investigator with the National Cancer Institute. She focuses her research on the etiology and prevention of human-papillomavirus associated cancers of the head and neck and anogenital sites. She runs a large vaccine trial in Costa Rica, where she focuses on the evaluation of the long-term efficacy of the HPV vaccine, in order to understand its prevention potential against multiple types of cancer.

    Monica Grover '95

    Monica Grover ’95 is an entrepreneur and runs two small businesses: Bazaar Spices (a Washington, D.C., spice shop) and Grover Concepts (a digital media firm). She oversees all components associated with each, including human resource management, public relations, inventory management, and more.

    Robin Clark '97

    Robin Clark ’97 is a Policy Analyst with the Maryland Association of Counties, where she works with state and county government leadership and major private sector stakeholders to shape education, emergency management, and environmental policies favorable to Maryland’s county governments.

    Yumi Vong '02

    Yumi Vong ’02 is a Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Writer, working with local, national and international agencies and non-profit organizations to create effective advertising and marketing solutions. She also is currently focused on creating and promoting a new line of fine jewelry.

    Jimmy Praley '03

    Jimmy Praley ’03, an Associate with Lessans, Praley & McCormick, concentrates his practice primarily in the areas of general civil litigation, along with business, real estate, and commercial law.

    March Bishop '04

    March Bishop ’04 is a Senior Consultant with Deloitte Consulting and helps drive market-based solutions to social and economic challenges faced by low-income citizens of emerging markets. She is currently working with the government of Ghana to promote private investment in agriculture aimed at creating jobs to ensure adequate food supplies for the country.

    Colin Hood '04

    Colin Hood ’04 serves as as a Judge Advocate General Corps, Trial Counsel with the United States Navy and currently works as a trial counsel prosecuting misconduct within the Navy.

    Billy Quattlebaum '04

    Billy Quattlebaum ’04 is a Designer with RTKL Associates and has a background in architecture, working primarily on master planning projects. He works closely with other architects, landscape architects and civil engineers to lay out plans for new developments, creates guidelines for the design on buildings, and works on conceptual design phases of architectural projects.

    Micah Weisenberg '04

    Micah Weisenberg ’04 is completing his last year of dental school and will start into private practice in Frederick, MD. He also collaborates with the University of Maryland on technologies he developed for dentistry.

    Brad Riddle '05

    Brad Riddle ’05 is an Electrical Engineer at Signal Systems Corporation where he designs and tests components of electronic devices for government and commercial customers. His areas of work include radar, sonar, acoustics, and noise cancellation.

    Channing Martin '06

    Channing Martin ’06, Program and Management Analyst for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, serves as the project manager of the assessment process for the Presidential Management Fellows Program, where she ensures the effective assessment of program applications and manages the program budget.

    Rob Morgan '07

    Rob Morgan ’07 is the Senior Director of Emerging Technologies for the American Bankers Association. He tracks emerging technologies in banking (such as Apple Pay, Square, and Venmo) and helps banks adapt by influencing relevant policies.

    Rachael Pietkiewicz '08

    Rachael Pietkiewicz ’08 is the Community Engagement Coordinator at HopeWorks, where she manages volunteer program for HopeWorks, facilitates community workshops and training sessions that raise awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence, and plays a major role in special event production.

    Harrison Rose '09

    Harrison Rose ’09 is a PhD Student at Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He currently experiments and performs research in a laboratory. His research goals are to develop new chemistry to produce a 'green' plastic from carbon dioxide and agricultural waste through the use of DNA to create recombinant bacteria.