Faculty & Staff Directory

  • Randi Altschuler

    5 Years at Key

    School Counselor
    Middle School, Upper School
    B.S., Boston University
    M.S.W., Catholic University of America
    School Extension 1284
  • Katherine "Katie" Anderson

    3 Years at Key

    School Nurse
    B.S., University of Florida
    B.S.N., Johns Hopkins University
    M.S., University of Florida
    School Extension 1204
  • Cindi "Cindi" Asquith

    5 Years at Key

    Administrative Assistant
    Upper School
    School Extension 1211
  • Nina Austin

    13 Years at Key

    Academic Technology Department, Head
    Technology Integrator
    First School, Lower School
    B.A., High Point University
    M.S., McDaniel College
    School Extension 1422
  • Angela Baccala

    17 Years at Key

    Library, Department Head
    First School, Lower School
    B.A., University of Maryland
    M.L.S., University of Maryland
    School Extension 1241
  • Sasha Baker

    1 Year at Key

    Learning Specialist
    Middle School
    B.A., St. John's College
  • Makeba Barnes

    4 Years at Key

    Admission Office, Assistant Director of Admission
    B.A., Howard University
    M.S., Johns Hopkins University
    School Extension 1208
  • Delia Bauckham-Ruoff

    10 Years at Key

    Administrative Assistant
    Middle School
    B.A., University of Durham, England
    School Extension 1260
  • Helen Baxt

    8 Years at Key

    Executive Assistant to the Head of School
    School Extension 1223
  • Paul Bayne

    3 Years at Key

    Outdoor Education Department Head
    B.A., Washington College
    B.S., Washington College
    School Extension 1245
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