Under Marcella's Leadership, Key's Facilities Saw Unprecedented Improvement

1999: Renovated Pre-School Building (now named First School)

1999: Science and Library Center opened

2000: Phase I of the Manse Addition opened

2002: Multi-Purpose Building opened

2003: Renovated Seneca D. Eldredge Memorial Amphitheater

2005: Phase II of the Manse Addition opened

2006: Renovated the Manse

2007: Multi-Purpose Building re-dedicated as Katharine Hall

2009: Renovated the Barn

2011: Purchase agreement of Annapolis Roads Golf Course formalized

2011: Renovated Manse Field

2011: Key Greenhouse opened

2013: Purchase of Fusco Athletic Park completed

2014: Renovated Carroll House

The Board of Trustees announced the establishment of The Marcella Yedid Endowment in support of faculty and staff salaries, benefits and professional development, in the spring of 2014.

The Board thanks the founding donors, including Key’s Parents’ Association, who made gifts to establish this new endowment fund. All members of the Key School Community are encouraged join the list of Founding Donors by making a donation in honor and memory of Marcella Yedid.



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Each and every gift is valued and will help grow the fund. Our goal, with your support, was to raise Key’s overall endowment, including both general and named endowment funds, firmly over $10 million by Marcella's final day as Head of School, June 15, 2015. While this achievement seemed impossible a mere sixteen years ago, we indeed met our goal prior to Marcella's final day at Key.
A lasting tribute to honor Key's longest tenured Head of School, this Endowment will serve to support two of the priorities Marcella holds most dear: Key's faculty and staff and the School's future financial stability.

Key's Faculty & Staff


A consummate educator and lifelong learner, Marcella always understood that the strength of Key’s program hinges on its practitioners' capacity to be innovative as they create dynamic curriculum to engage their students, and on Key’s capacity to attract the best and brightest in their respective fields. During her time at Key School, Marcella doubled the professional development funding and significantly improved both salaries and benefits for Key teachers. Her endowed fund will continue to support the people who breathe life into Key School each and every day.

The School's Future Financial Stability


When Marcella came to Key in 1999, the School’s endowment was just over $200,000. Thanks to her vision, budgetary acumen, and financial stewardship, Key School’s endowment hit a milestone and grew to over $10 million. This would not have been possible without the support of Key's donors. Her long-term goal was to diminish the School’s reliance on tuition income, enabling Key to further mitigate annual tuition increases as it begins to utilize its endowment to support the annual budget. Slowly but surely, Marcella ensured that we save for not only a rainy day, but also a bright and robust future.

During Marcella's Tenure, The Key School ...

  • Grew its School student support services by hiring additional learning specialists, school counselors, and a registered nurse.
  • Fostered a strong global perspective through:
      • The CHUMS Partnership
      • Islamic Studies in Lower School
      • Global Studies in Middle School
      • The addition of Middle School Spanish and Upper School Arabic.
      • Upper School electives such as Current World Issues, Cultures in Conflict, Japan and the West, Russian Studies
  • Developed a Pre-K through Grade 12 Life Skills curriculum with identified leadership.
  • Implemented the Key-Wee program for children as young as two years, eight months.
  • Encouraged the use of technology as a tool for more effective teaching and learning, including iPads, laptops, and Smart Boards.
  • Fostered environmental sensibilities by participating in the Tiny House build and earning designation as a "Bay School" by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
  • Encouraged student service-learning through the development of student trips to Costa Rica and Tanzania.
  • Grew its athletic program by joining the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA).
  • Created a robust Summer at KEY program, involving week-long camps that bring nearly 1,000 students from across the area to Key's campus.
  • Doubled professional development funding and instituted the tenure benefit program.
  • Became more diverse, now featuring 34% minority representation.
  • Expanded financial aid support by 33% since 1999.
  • Founded the Annapolis Book Festival, now entering its 13th year.