Family of Funds

You can help ensure continued excellence for the School by designating a gift to the fund of your choice:

School’s Greatest Need

With an unrestricted gift, you are allowing the School to use your gift where it is most vitally needed. These funds will be used to support the operating budget, which directly benefits our teachers, programs and operations.

Financial Aid

Increased access to the broadest possible range of students enhances the School’s ability to attract, enroll and retain students whose contributions, values and attitudes strengthen the learning environment at Key. Your gift will help assure socio-economic diversity in our student population and reaffirm the School’s long-standing commitment to financial aid for deserving students.

Teaching and Learning

Key School is dedicated to creating high-quality academics, experiential learning and co-curricular activities that build learning skills and foster students’ independence, enthusiasm and initiative. Gifts to this fund will support teacher work in all academic departments, including professional development activities and curricular planning.

Libraries and Technology

The use of technology is essential to every Key School student’s experience. Across campus, from First School classrooms to Upper School writing math and science labs, students use available technology resources to conduct research and solve intellectual challenges. Our classrooms must continue to have leading-edge equipment and global information access. Your support will sustain a superior learning environment and support proficiency in a technologically advanced world.

Fine and Performing Arts

Your gift designation to Key’s music, theater and fine arts programs will assure continued exceptional instruction for students of all levels. From the First School through Upper School, as individuals and groups, Key students are immersed in activities and endeavors, including the outstanding Orff Schulwerk music program, fostering life-long appreciation of the arts.

Outdoor and Environmental Education

Your gift will support Key’s extensive Outdoor and Environmental Education programs which enhance student performance in the classroom, help develop leadership ability, and teach important life-long skills that turn students into active participants in the global environment.

Physical Education and Athletics

Your gift will help support activities that build physical strength, develop collaborative skills and help students manage challenging situations, all of which are essential to personal growth.

Campus Upkeep

On-going care of Key’s buildings and grounds is essential to creating a stimulating educational environment for our students as they learn and play, both indoors and out. Key’s unique structures, outdoor learning spaces, walkways and gazebos require constant care and attention. Your contribution will allow campus improvements that will serve Key students now and into the future.

Giving Opportunities

A gift or pledge to the Annual Fund can be made at any time. Pledges may be paid in a single payment or in installments completed prior to June 30 (contact Eli Roth for details). Gifts to The Key School are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

To make a gift: