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    and competitive

    Key encourages athletic participation
    by every student. If you have an
    interest in sports and enjoy
    competition, there is a team for you.

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    Face-to-face with the unfamiliar, Key students cannot rely on textbook answers or routine responses. Drawing on inner resources, they find they are capable of greater physical and mental achievements than imagined.

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    real world

    Key students get out and see the world,
    deepening their understanding of its
    complexities and their role as its citizens.

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    Key students value both. Our school spirit is as
    evident in the classroom as it is on the athletic field.

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    why choose just one?

    Key School is an ideal environment for students
    who want a broad experience. We don’t believe
    students should narrow their options.

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    your ideas matter

    Discussion-based classes are at the heart of the
    Key curriculum. Personal opinions are shared
    openly while differing viewpoints are
    respectfully exchanged.

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    exciting ideas!

    Key teachers and students grapple with
    ideas—working together and thinking
    together to forge new understandings.

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    students respect teachers,
    teachers respect students...

    and students respect fellow students.
    At Key School, people and their ideas are respected.

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    accept challenges
    take risks
    explore new territory
    take a stand

    Key students gain the skills and confidence to make a difference in their community—and the world.

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    knowing how
    to think

    For 50 years key school has helped students develop the habits of mind that enable them to navigate a changing world.

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    asking the questions
    counts as much
    as knowing the answers

    Key School emphasizes intellectual process as well as academic product and values probing questions as highly as thoughtful answers.

  • Austin Kenny ’15 Named Teen of the Week

    Congratulations to Austin Kenny ‘15, who was highlighted as a Capital Gazette Teen of the Week.

  • Key Cellist Named to All State Senior Orchestra

    Dylan Anderson ’17 has been named one of twenty-two cellists accepted to Maryland's All State Senior Orchestra.

  • Key Robotics Success

    The Key School Robotics Club competed in the 2014 FIRST® LEGO® League Qualifier Event in early December. Each team member impressed the judges with a collaborative robot design and project presentation. Additionally, Key produced the 6th highest (out of 72) individual round score in the competition.

  • Computer Programming in the Spotlight

    Students, faculty and staff in First School through Upper School are celebrating Computer Science Education Week again this year by participating in the Hour of Code.

Tue Feb 3


1st Grade Fly Up for Kindergarten Parents

Location: Lower School Science Room Time: 8:30am - 9:30am

7th Grade Fly-Up for 6th Grade Parents

Location: Barn Commons Time: 8:30am - 9:15am

After School Enrichment Activity - Science Club for 1st - 4th Grades

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

College Night for Juniors and Parents

Location: Katharine Hall Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Wed Feb 4

Coffee and Conversation The Budget Process - Priorities for 2015-2016

Location: Barn Commons Time: 8:30am - 9:45am
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  • "The undergrad course load at the University of Chicago is notoriously heavy but the transition was not as difficult as I had imagined. Beyond that, I think the personal encouragement I got at Key to incorporate my artistic interests with my academic ones allowed me to develop both, at a stage in my life when choosing one over the other would have been limiting. The best filmmakers are able to grasp and imaginatively combine disparate disciplines in interesting ways and Key definitely gave me this foundation."

    Nadav Kurtz 1996