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Learning From London Town
William Brown House at London Town
Key School teachers and archaeologist Patricia Dance at the Anne Arundel County Archaeology Laboratory
Mermaid Plate found at London Town

To the Teacher

This site presents opportunities for study of the 18th century lost town of London, Maryland from the integrated perspective of archaeological finds, archival records, and material culture.

Work with the resources included in this site offers rich opportunities for "hands-on" learning, encouraging students to ask essential questions that mine the hard evidence of artifacts unearthed at London Town and documents from the Maryland State Archives challenges students to work as active learners using primary source materials to enhance their understanding of life in the eighteenth century. 

This site is intended for academic use in the classroom in individual or collaboratively structured activities. Student Activity Links throughout this site lead to explanations of sources, suggested questions and lesson ideas.

Use the buttons above to learn more about the NEH grant which funded this project, the history of the colonial town of London in Maryland and information on visiting London Town today.

The menu on the left leads to various types of student activities developed by Key School teachers on how to use primary source documents and archaeological data to study colonial history. It also links to copies of the historical documents and pages from the Maryland Gazette (1743-1752) which provide clues to the life of Captain Anthony Beck whose family lived in London, Maryland at that time. These primary source documents were provided for this project by the Maryland State Archives. There is a section on archaeology which explains how archaeologists work and shows some of the artifacts found at the Rumney's tavern dig at London Town.



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