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Digging the Cellar at Rumney's Tavern

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Archaeologists unearthed a wide variety of artifacts from the cellar of Rumney's Tavern which is located at London Town. On this page you can

  • see pictures of the dig
  • read an inventory of items found so far
  • read lab reports about some of those items
  • find student activities related to the dig
  • and participate in a virtual dig

Pictures of the Dig at Rumney's Tavern

THe face of the Rumney's Tavern cellar photogtraphed when half of the cellar had been excavatedA closer view of the face of the Rumney's Tavern dig showing many artifacts


To see a list of the artifacts found at the cellar dig, click here.

Lab Reports

For each of the items you find in the virtual dig, you can read a lab report written by the archaeologists at London Town. You can see the report by finding the object in the dig, or by clicking on its name in the table below.

Mermaid Plate
Sunflower Bowl
Stoneware Mug
Perfume Bottle
Butterfly Dish
Pineapple Bowl
Clay Pipe
Wine Bottle

Activities based on Archaeological Information

  1. Apply the skills used by archaeologists in the field. Select an item in your home and write a report in which you identify its distinguishing features. Click here to get a blank form to use in your report. Draw a picture, or place a photograph of your artifact in the box at the top of the page, then fill in all the categories of information that you can discover about your artifact.
  2. Select one of the items found in Rumney's Tavern and draw from your reading in history to hypothesize where and how it changed hands and traveled from its origin to the cellar where it was discovered.
  3. Discover the ten items in the virtual dig below and consider them in addressing the following questions:
    • What do the contents and stratification of the site suggest about the activity in the tavern (e.g. What sort of customers did it serve?)
    • What do the contents and stratification suggest about how the site was formed over time?

Virtual Dig

Below is a scale drawing of the profile of the cellar dig at Rumney's Tavern. Follow the directions below to see what you can "dig up" from the cellar. To return to the dig after you read the lab report on your artifact, just use the back button in your browser menu bar.

You can be an archaeologist and "dig" in the cellar.

  • Move your mouse over the diagram of the cellar at Rumney's Tavern.
  • If the mouse arrow turns into a hand, you'll see a message at the bottom of the screen telling you what you've found.
  • When you see the message, click on the screen to see a picture of your discovery.
  • See if you can find all 10 hidden items.

We hope you enjoyed the dig.



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