College Advising

Among the colleges and universities, Key School is widely recognized for its emphasis on the intellectual process; that is, for its focus on the importance of critical thinking, careful and analytical reading, classroom discussions that invite multiple perspectives and encourage tolerance, and for writing that is clear, persuasive, and imaginative.

Equally important, the Key culture promotes student leadership in athletics, the arts, debate, and journalism. While academic prowess and leadership are essential ingredients in the success of Key graduates, experienced college advising is crucial in matching the individual to the institution and in helping students to realize their resources and understand their options.

The Key School has a comprehensive college advising program that begins early in the junior year and continues until the end of the admission process, in the spring of the senior year. Each student's academic interests, strengths, and goals are evaluated to determine suitable choices. By working with Key's college advisor, students learn about application approaches that enhance their chances for admission. The advisor leads a series of meetings for students and parents, and meets whenever necessary with each student and his or her family throughout the selection and application process. A broad range of colleges and universities send representatives to Key each fall to talk with prospective students. The School is well known and highly respected, and most college representatives look upon Key as a breeding ground for academic excellence and excitement, and they want to share in the result. It is the hope of the College Office that the information contained on this site will help smooth the transition to the four years after Key, and beyond.

Laura Burrell Baxter, Director of College Advising
Maggie Beck, Assistant to the College Advisor & Registrar


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    For our seniors and their parents, this time of year is full of mixed emotions: anticipation for news that’s forthcoming from admission offices, excitement about making a decision on what college to attend and some concern over how decisions will impact their future. What is most important for our seniors and their families to remember is that the process is full of ups and maybe some downs but ultimately, students will find their way to the right college. They will find a college that best fits their needs and criteria. This article by columnist and author, Frank Bruni, shares insightful anecdotes about the college acceptance process and how students and parents can keep their focus on the end game, a good match for the student. How to Survive the College Admissions Madness, New York Times