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Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Metamorphoses for a fantastic show! Click here to view photos and to order prints from David Trozzo Photography.



December 11 & 12
7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $10 for adults/$5 for students


etamorphoses is a Tony Award-winning play that brings classic myths and legends to life in an entirely new and mesmerizing way. The show, based on Ovid's epic poem of the same name is, according to director Eric Langmeyer, “…a deeply affecting piece of work—a combination of storytelling and stagecraft. The moral of the play is the importance of love and humility, reminding us why the ancient myths retain importance and relevance. It is, in many ways, an exploration of the transformative power of love, which the student-actors have been tasked with sharing in their own modern voice and relevant way."

Each myth will be brought to life by stunning stage imagery and through creative movement, music and dance. Mr. Langmeyer adds, “The images and language in the play are contemporary and reflect the cycle of changes that occur in our lives. Playwright Mary Zimmerman ably reveals the allure of theater as each of the show's stories and themes—from the greed of King Midas to the love between Eros and Psyche―takes place in and around a large pool of water. The play demonstrates that theater can provide not just escape but sometimes a glimpse of the divine. It is truly a highly unique and powerful piece that combines light humor and great pathos.”


This play is appropriate for students in grades 5 – 12.