Key Theater Presents...


March 20, 21, 22
7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $10 for adults/$5 for students

G odspell is one of the biggest Broadway successes of all time. Based on the gospel according to St. Matthew, it features an upbeat score by Stephen Schwartz and well-loved songs including the international hit "Day by Day." Godspell joyously animates the parables with their powerful messages of kindness, tolerance and love being told using such theatrical traditions as clowning, pantomime, puppetry, and acrobatics.

According to Director Eric Langmeyer, “The show is a theatrical interpretation of biblical events and provides us an opportunity to reflect on our own journeys in life.” The acting out of the parables gives dramatic purpose for bringing lone individuals at the beginning of the show together into a community of compassionate, loving, caring, and understanding individuals. “It is this event—the storytelling by a band of actors—that makes each production of Godspell unique and special,” adds Mr. Langmeyer. “Each time Godspell is presented, there is an updating and personalization layered into the script. While the story and lessons of each of the parables are retained, there are new surroundings, enactments and ad-libs inserted to reflect the uniqueness of the cast of each production.”

The parables are showcased by a variety of exuberant Upper School student performers in a spirited pageantry lead by junior Gabrys Wronka as Jesus and senior Sam Berman as John the Baptist. “[Cast members] are clown-like, child-like and ready to be taught through the telling of stories. They end up transforming themselves into followers of Jesus, who is presented as an innocent, gentle and loving figure. The audience is invited along to participate, sing, and get out of their seats throughout the show. It is really like a live concert!”

Come join us for this family-friendly show.