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10th Grade Students

Summer Math Packets for Upper School Students

Algebra I
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Required Reading

To supplement required summer readings, Key’s librarians have selected books that are highly appropriate for each grade’s curriculum. Click on “Books to Relax With” at the bottom of the page to access recommended titles. In addition, the College Board has published a list of 100 recommended books for college-bound readers.

Required Reading For All Upper School Students

Advanced Spanish Literature

  • El conde Lucanor
    By: Don Juan Manuel   

Click to download reading and assignment.

European Civilization

French III

  • Lisons comme ça!
    By: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
    ISBN: 978-0658017414

Read Deuxième Partie, Les grandes figures de l'histoire, chap.1-11, pp. 66-101. Select six characters and answer the questions at the end of the chapters in complete sentences in French.

French IV

  • Le Petit Prince
    By: Antoine St. Exupéry
    ISBN: 978-2070612758

Read the entire book. Select your four favorite chapters and explain in four paragraphs in French, about ten lines each, why you selected those chapters.

French Literature and Film

  • Candide, Ou, L'Optimisme, et Autres Contes
    By: François Voltaire
    ISBN: 978-2266082662

Read Chapters 1 - 10 and be ready to discuss them.

Spanish II

Spanish III

  • El sueño de Otto
    Read the text, do the activities, and write a summary.
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Spanish Literature and Language

  • El misterio de la llave
    By: Elsa Moreno

Read the packet and complete the guiding questions. Click for packet.


    Click here view the tenth grade recommended reading list.