Technology in Key's Pre-School and Lower School

In Pre-School through grade four, students are introduced to a variety of technologies. The curriculum provides students the opportunity to explore and become familiar with the tools they will later learn to use with proficiency. Available software also supports work in the classroom. For example, students may use multimedia software to present their original poetry or brainstorming software to organize their original ideas. In grade three, students learn keyboarding skills and increasingly use computers with ease and efficiency. Fourth graders correspond with Australian students, exchanging email and digital photos with pen pals on the opposite side of the world.

Technology in Key's Middle School

Throughout the Middle School years, students hone more sophisticated skills and develop competencies in software applications such as: word processing, spreadsheet, database, browser, presentation, and graphics. Students' familiarity with the purpose and function of these technologies allows them to select the most appropriate tool for a given task. They are taught effective Internet search strategies and how to evaluate the information they access. Middle School students have opportunities to apply technology tools for research and problem-solving, demonstrating their learning by creating multimedia presentations, websites and digital videos. A media literacy curriculum is taught through Middle School technology classes where students learn media production as well as critical analysis.

Technology in Key's Upper School

By Upper School, students use technology to manipulate and display data, to express their ideas and creativity, and to conduct independent research. As assignments become increasingly complex, students utilize specialized equipment and software in math and science labs. Students work with digital photography and digital video throughout the curriculum. Upper School students regard technology as an essential tool for enhancing their productivity, their self-expression, their ability to communicate with others, and their capacity to be lifelong learners.

Technology at Key

Key School's technology curriculum is jointly designed by technology integrators, faculty and librarians. The program is not about computers, iPads or the like.  Teaching students how to access information in any format, how to use it effectively, efficiently and ethically, and how to evaluate it are important aspects of the Key curriculum.

About Technology at Key

  • Faculty Bring Makerspace Workshop Ideas to Key

    Posted March 7, 2016

    Lower School faculty members Lydia Crooks and Carol Mahoney recently attended a weekend workshop at the Digital Harbor Foundation in Baltimore to broaden their knowledge base about makerspaces and to expand the scope of Key’s thriving Thinkering Studios. During the hands-on workshop, the two experimented with rapid iteration engineering techniques and created motorized bots they were able to maneuver and illuminate through coding. They also built objects that hovered in space at a specified height for a specified period of time (watch how it works). Ms. Crooks and Ms. Mahoney are brimming with ideas and have already started using some of their newfound knowledge with their students. Upcoming projects include 3-D printing and other technological and electronic “maker” activities that are being specifically designed to both engage and excite our Lower School students.

  • Robotics Team Qualifies for State Championships

    Posted February 11, 2016

    Key School's Robotics Team, The U.S. Lightning Coalition, is moving on to the state championships! The team surpassed 28 other teams to qualify for the FIRST Tech Challenge state championship which will take place on February 21 at Georgetown Preparatory School, in North Bethesda, MD.

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  • Key Robotics Prepares for 2014 FIRST┬« LEGO┬« League Qualifier Event

    Posted November 24, 2014

    The Key Robotics Club is focused on last minute preparations for the December 6 FIRST® LEGO® League Qualifying Event. Announced in August, this year’s FIRST® LEGO® League WORLD CLASS Challenge asks, “What is the future of learning?” The project portion of the competition requires students to create or improve upon an educational tool used to teach a chosen topic of interest.

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  • Upper Schoolers Build with Arduinos

    Posted October 2, 2014

    Upper School students are using Arduinos, single-board microcontrollers, to create interactive devices that use various inputs, such as sensors, to control a variety of outputs, such as motors. The students are currently exploring how Arduinos work and discovering an array of possible uses.

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  • Juniors Debut National Archives' New App

    Posted October 1, 2014

    Former Key teacher Charlie Flanagan, now the Director of Educational programs at the Center for Legislative Archives of the National Archives in Washington, D.C., visited with eleventh grade American Civilization classes this week to pilot a new educational app from the National Archives Center for Legislative Outreach.

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Technology in Action

6th grade students use the iPad and Explain Everything app as they learn about Shays' Rebellion.