Third Grade

Third Grade Announcements

  • Key Third Grader Makes A Difference

    Inspired by her classroom sharing, Una Harrington '26 set out to help Syrian families...and succeeded!

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  • Black-Eyed Susan Chapter Book Luncheon


    The 3rd & 4th graders held their annual Black-Eyed Susan Chapter Book Voting Luncheon in the Manse Library on April 21. Thirty-one students were invited to enjoy a pizza lunch by reading at least three of ten books on the list, with seven students reading all ten books. The favorite, which was determined by electronic voting using the app Socrative Student, was Gabriel Finley & the Raven’s Riddle by George Hagen. Click to view more photos.

  • Third Graders Tackle Coordinate Geometry

    Gr3 1 spatial reasoning puzzle.JPG

    As important as numeric reasoning is, a mathematician’s ability to use visualization, spatial reasoning and geometric modeling to solve problems is crucial. With this long-held understanding, Key’s Lower School Math Department designed a program that develops both types of reasoning―numeric and spatial―in students concurrently. Using an array of engaging activities which encourage flexible thinking and creative problem-solving, third grade students are introduced to coordinate geometry, which is the use of algebra to study geometric properties. Third graders are pictured tackling coordinate-geometry problems and toothpick puzzles to build spatial reasoning and visual-thinking capacities. A few of these puzzles are found at the end of this math gallery; try them and test your geometric problem-solving ability!

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