Appropriate for children turning five before the school year, Kindergarten at Key is a 5-day, 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. program.

Key's After School Program also is available from 3:00-5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you are interested in learning more about Key's First School, please contact Tom Rossini.

Kindergarten Announcements

  • Kindergarteners Visit with Grandfriends


    Kindergarteners in Ms. Walsh's class boarded the bus for their visit to the Health Care Center at BayWoods of Annapolis. Each of our kindergarten classes make this trip three times during the academic year to visit with the residents, known as Grandfriends. The students spend time playing games, constructing crafts, and sharing songs. This intergenerational experience encourages creativity and empathy in our students and brings their natural energy and enthusiasm to their Grandfriends.

  • Kindergarteners' Engineering Solutions


    Key’s Kindergarteners took on the role of mechanical engineers this month, working first-hand with engineering students from UMBC to construct “Tippy Taps” in the First School garden. “Tippy Taps,” outdoor devices constructed primarily with sticks, string and plastic containers, are designed to encourage hand washing and good hygiene. Water is held in the plastic container, which is suspended between two sticks and is tipped forward for handwashing by a third stick which acts as a foot lever.


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  • Optimizing Children's Cognitive Development

    The recent New York Times article, "The Building Blocks of a Good Pre-K" provides timely food for thought as it was published right on the heels the First School parent program “Learning Through Play: What Research Has Found About Its Importance for Optimizing Cognitive Development.” The only thing the New York Times reporter missed was the opportunity to talk with Key’s own Erin Weiss, who led the well-received parent program last week. Click here to view a video of the program.

  • New Desks for Chumbageni


    Kindergarteners at Chumbageni Primary School in Tanga, Tanzania, are starting their school year off with new desks thanks to the members of Key’s Class of 2026.

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  • Kindergarteners Jog for Chumbegeni

    Since 2005, Key School has partnered with Chumbageni School in Tanga, Tanzania and Somers Park School in Malvern, England to connect students across three continents, providing multiple lenses through which to see, and better understand, themselves and the world. One aspect of this partnership, called Chums, has been service learning. Over the past few years students in the Pre, Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools have participated in projects to help fund the building and furnishing of a much needed new classroom for Chumbageni’s Kindergarten. Mr. Halifa Bilali, head teacher at Chumbageni, has told us how much the classroom has improved the learning environment for Chumbageni’s Kindergartners, but the classroom continues to be in need of general school supplies. He also tells us that the orphans at Chumbageni would benefit from additional support for the program that provides them with a mid-morning cup of ugali, a nutritious corn porridge Our Kindergartners would like to help students at Chumbageni by taking a daily jog around the Manse field (about ¼ mile) and asking their families to pledge ten cents for each mile the Kindergarten team jogs. We will be keeping a cumulative total for the team, a 1/4 mile x 41 Kindergartners = a potential 10.25 Kindergarten miles jogged each day. Our goal is to jog a cumulative total of 100 miles. Click here for a pledge form.

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  • Kindergarten Pilots iPad Program

    The iPad workstations installed this fall in each of the three Kindergarten classrooms have generated much excitement. In fact, it is difficult to tell who is more enthusiastic about the newly-launched initiative, the teachers or the students.

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  • Key Launches Kindergarten iPad Program

    Key’s Kindergarteners are busily engaged with new interactive iPad applications that are reinforcing reading and math skills, while tapping into the students’ natural interest in, and facility with, technology. In September, Key technology integrator Nina Glime began introducing the students to the classroom iPads by providing them with opportunities to play with the available tools in several of the programs. Not surprisingly, the students displayed an extremely short learning curve and were eagerly working within minutes of picking up the devices—their creations were amazing! The students are now using a series of developmentally appropriate apps designed to support the work they are undertaking in the classroom. Click here for photos of Key Kindergarteners at work with their iPads.