Pre-Kindergarten Announcements

  • March 23, 2015

    Posted March 26, 2015

    We continued our unit on measurement this week. Children learn basic concepts of measurement when they measure objects. They can measure by making direct comparisons between objects, using standard units (inches, cups and scales) and non-standard units (cubes, links, and other manipulatives). Click to read letter.

  • March 16, 2015

    Posted March 31, 2015

    We read the MathStart book, Super Sand Castle Saturday, by Stuart J. Murphy and learned that it is important to use a measuring tool of consistent length to get an accurate measure. We discovered what happens when we use different sizes of pasta to measure the same item. The result is different numbers! This week we will shift our focus to measuring volume. Click to read letter.

  • Optimizing Children's Cognitive Development

    Posted October 23, 2014

    The recent New York Times article, "The Building Blocks of a Good Pre-K" provides timely food for thought as it was published right on the heels the First School parent program “Learning Through Play: What Research Has Found About Its Importance for Optimizing Cognitive Development.” The only thing the New York Times reporter missed was the opportunity to talk with Key’s own Erin Weiss, who led the well-received parent program last week. Click here to view a video of the program.

  • Pre-K 4 Cultural Enrichment Activity

    Posted December 9, 2013

    Pre-K 4 children are invited to embark on an After School Program journey that will build their global perspectives. Through interactive games, imaginary travel and cultural crafts, students enrolled in the Cultural Enrichment Activity will develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of our world community.

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