Pre-Kindergarten Announcements

  • September 15, 2014

    Posted September 15, 2014

    This week we will delve into our unit about safety. This unit is timed to coincide with our first fire drill at School and to make this necessary experience a positive one. We will be learning about traffic safety and begin discussions about fire safety. As part of this unit, our local fire station, Annapolis Neck Station, will visit our campus. Click to read the letter.

  • September 8, 2014

    Posted September 8, 2014

    Last week, our thematic unit on sunflowers was integrated into all domains of learning. Your children became scientists and used their senses to discover the characteristics and parts of a sunflower. They learned to compare sizes while finding sunflowers that were taller, smaller and just right for themselves. We also played a sunflower seed game called “Feed the Crow” which reinforced number recognition and one-to-one correspondence counting. In Language Arts, we read several stories about the life cycle of sunflowers and the children especially loved listening to Sunflower House by Eve Bunting. We even created our own sunflower paintings using our hand and fingerprints. Click to read the letter.

  • September 2, 2014

    Posted September 5, 2014

    This week the children will begin working in their Handwriting Without Tears letter books. Each week the children will be focusing on a new skill to practice. We will learn the “Crayon” song. The song will teach the children the correct way to hold a crayon and pencil using the thumb and pointer fingers pinching above the tip with the middle finger resting underneath and the other two fingers tucked away. Click to read the September 2, 2014, letter.

  • August 26, 2014

    Posted August 26, 2014

    We will begin the school year with the units All About Me and Into the Garden. Over the next few weeks, the children will create their own book, All About Me. We will also help each child meet and become acquainted with their classmates, teachers and other adults in the First School. During this unit, we explore our classrooms, the First School building, our garden, and the School’s campus. We will discuss safety in the car, on the playground, inside our classroom, and during fire drills. Each class will discuss and create classroom rules. Click to read letter.

  • Pre-K 4 Cultural Enrichment Activity

    Posted December 9, 2013

    Pre-K 4 children are invited to embark on an After School Program journey that will build their global perspectives. Through interactive games, imaginary travel and cultural crafts, students enrolled in the Cultural Enrichment Activity will develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of our world community.

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