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Distinctive Elements

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What makes Key unique for our students is our belief that every child plays an active role in the learning process.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nourish and guide the natural exuberance, energy, and delight in the search for meaning, so that each student embraces lifelong learning and develops into an informed, thoughtful, and constructive member of society.

Key Facts

Key is the oldest pre-school through grade twelve nonsectarian independent school in Anne Arundel County with an average class size of 16 and a student teacher ratio of 7:1.

Key Culture

The School's objective is not simply to teach children to be good students; it also bears the responsibility to encourage them to be good citizens and, over time, to internalize the core values of respect, responsibility, and honesty.

Diversity at Key

The Key School is committed to the principle that learning is maximized when students of differing abilities and backgrounds work together and develop an understanding of one another.

Campus Map

Key occupies fifteen acres of land that was originally a "gentleman's farm." Of the school's sixteen buildings, six date from the original estate and have been remodeled for school purposes. Fusco Athletic Park provides Key with an additional 70 acres of land used for recreational purposes in support of its outdoor, environmental and athletic programs.

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