School Leadership

COVID-19 Senior Administrative Team

The Administrative Team assists the Head of School in the day-to-day operation and management of the School. The team comprises the four Division Heads and the Directors of Key's non-instructional offices. 


Matthew Nespole
Head of School

Tom Rossini
Director of Enrollment and Outreach

Stephen Ginter
Director of Advancement

Caroline Ewing
Director of Finance and Operations

Irfan Latimer
Director of Communication

Jenifer Moore
Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Katie Anderson
School Nurse

Noel Gasparin
Director of Facilities

Brian Michaels
Upper School Division Head

Dave Magnus
Middle School Division Head

Kristen Addison
Lower School Division Head

Becky Fetters
First School Division Head

Tom Adams
Director of Technology and Innovation

Nina Austin
Director of Academic Technology


Board of Trustees

The Key School is governed by a Board of Trustees, a policy-making body entrusted with the long-term well-being of the School.


Alanna Wright

John Hilbert
Vice President

Peter Biché

Ken Kissel '86

Board Members

Nancy Margaret Adler
Missy Attridge
Mark Baganz
Thomas Baum
Peter Biché
March Bishop '04
Julius Clark
Elyse Colgan '03
Leander J. Foley III
Michael Glass
Colin Harrington
John Hilbert
Joseph A. Janney III
Wesley R. Jones
Steven Kahle
Ken Kissel '86




Jared Littman
William Mapp
Channing Martin Jones '06
Tanya Mathias
Troy Mayer '06
Song Pak
Jeff Rinehart
Michael Smith
Courtney Spangler
Anna Wood
Stephen Wrage
Alanna Wright
Matthew Nespole, ex-officio

Georgie Berkinshaw
Francis Chaney II '75
Howard Cohen
James Humphrey