Video Tours and Tutorials

Parent Portal

A brief tour of the features and resources included in the Parent Portal.


An overview of the new Key School Athletics pages, home of the Obezags.

iCal Feeds

How to add a Key School calendar to your personal calendar.

To add a Key School calendar feed to your personal calendar, navigate to the school calendar from Key's homepage.

From here, click on the gray RSS Feed icon at the top right of the calendar, to access the calendar options.

Select the calendar you wish to subscribe to and click on the green ICAL button and choose the appropriate option for your device.

The URL for the selected calendar will appear at the top of the pop-up box.

From here, follow the instructions for your calendar provider or app to add a public calendar using the generated URL. If you wish to subscribe to more than one calendar, you will need to generate unique URLs for each, and add them individually to your personal calendar.