KEYnotes: Steve Ginter, Director of Advancement

Every day I take a walking tour of campus. Even though I am in my eighth year as an employee at Key, daily I walk through all of the buildings and throughout the grounds.

Every day, I witness students of all ages exploring, learning and growing through organized classroom discussion, impromptu classes in a gazebo, playtime on the playground, debates during lunch, finding a voice on stage or in a studio, and growing as a team on a field or court.

Every day, during these walks, I find myself learning and growing as well. Stopping in classrooms to hear a new lesson, talking with students about what they are working on in class, or joining in quickly for a game of capture the flag or tag—Key School is alive with excitement and energy for exploring, learning and growing.

Philanthropic gifts to Key have helped make this possible, whether as gifts to the Annual Fund, restricted gifts to support specific programs, capital projects to help launch new fields and buildings, or endowment gifts to ensure our long-term sustainability as a school. Because of that, I thank everyone who supports Key so fervently.

When I first began working as an advancement professional thirteen years ago, the best piece of advice I was given was to "never forget that making a philanthropic gift is one of the most personal things a person can do." It's true—making a philanthropic gift, whether to Key or any organization that you choose to support, is a very personal, selfless and noble action.

Every time we receive a philanthropic gift at Key, we do think about how personal, selfless, and noble it is. We aim to steward the dollars we raise for the best interests of the School we have today and the School we want moving forward, focused on maintaining and evolving our program in all facets.

In a world of seemingly infinite competing philanthropic priorities and a finite number of potential givers, donors everywhere should ensure that their giving matches their own personal values and interests. Better understand how organizations you support leverage your gifts, ask if there are ways for your gifts to better align with what you are passionate about and what drives you. Most of all, giving should be fun! Take pleasure in supporting worthy organizations and advancing the mission and calling of non-profits that you value.

At the end of the day, it is my hope that Key ranks somewhere among your philanthropic priorities. If not, let me know why and how that might change. Ask questions about how your gift is being used and what philanthropic opportunities exist that may specifically align with your personal interests.

We are the Key of today in part because of philanthropy, and we will be the Key we envision tomorrow because of continued philanthropy. Thank you for helping ensure that Key's students have this extraordinary opportunity of exploring, learning and growing, every day.

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