For the past four years, I have spent the Sunday before we return from Mid-Winter Break watching our Boys' Varsity Basketball Team play in the MIAA Championships. Despite a hard-fought loss to an undefeated and incredibly talented team from Cristo Rey this year, four finals appearances with two championships is a wonderful run.

Equally impressive was Key's Girls' Varsity Swim Team effort in 2019. In 2017 and 2018 this group was so dominant in the "C" conference, winning back-to-back championships, that they were moved up to the "B" conference this year. Typically, when a team moves up in a conference, the following season is incredibly challenging because they are competing against bigger schools. The Swim Team's strong third place finish this year, coupled with four individual All-Conference awards, are feats they should all be incredibly proud of. Two championships and a third place finish in three years…also incredibly impressive.

When I first came to Key, parents would question the competitiveness of our sports program. I am not fielding those questions as often any more, and given the rigor of our Upper School program, these accomplishments by our athletes show that they embody the true spirit of the student-athlete.

Key's Upper School Math Team accomplishments deserve high praise as well. With three first place wins in competition this year, the team, which includes students in grades 9 through 12, narrowly missed first place for the season—by ⅓ of a point against Chesapeake Science Point Charter School—finishing second overall in Anne Arundel County. For our Math Team scholars, finishing ahead of every area independent school and the largest STEM-focused public schools in Anne Arundel County is something they should be incredibly proud of. And the competitive math success does not stop there.

Key's Middle School Math Team, now in its second year, just placed second in the Anne Arundel County MATHCOUNTS competition. Four students finished in the top 10 for the County and eight are moving on to the State-level competition which will be taking place in mid-March at Johns Hopkins University. Similar to the questions I fielded about competitive sports at Key, the strength of our math program was, at times, a focus of conversation. While some myths take longer than others to dispel--I can let the facts here speak for themselves. We should all be proud of our Key Mathletes!

Being part of a team striving towards a common goal is where true learning occurs. Years from now, I hope our students will fondly remember the bonds they formed on these teams, and the other activities in which they participated. While success feels great in the moment, real life lessons come from the relationships forged when a group of people work to collectively excel, and devote time and energy to do so. We do this incredibly well at Key.



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