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Unmasking Our Mask-Makers

Every community has them—the people who always seem to make the time to give back and  marshal their skills to contribute to the greater good; the ones who instinctively turn lemons into lemonade!  Within our midst, we surely have our fair share of these unsung heroes.

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Key Students Volunteer as Virtual Tutors

Upper School Spanish teacher Tatiana Klein saw a need in the Annapolis community during this time of distance learning and worked to find a solution. The Center of Help, a local organization founded in 1997 that serves the low-income Latino population in the Allen Apartments, realized that many of these students had a slow start transitioning to distance learning and were not receiving meaningful school work at home.

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From Matthew Nespole

Friends and colleagues, 

While we remain focused on all the uncertainties surrounding this pandemic, the past few weeks have tragically re-focused our nation's attention on the reality of brutal inequities in our society. We have watched two black men‒Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd‒die. These men were victims of violence and it is our collective responsibility to name them, seek justice for them, and do our respective parts to disrupt the systems of hate that enable and promote this devaluation of human life.

Our students, in particular our young men of color, have to know that apologies are no longer enough.  For us to not focus our work with all of our students through the lens of justice and equity does them a disservice. These acts of evil, grounded in racism and hate, will continue if we don't actively work to counter the forces and constructs that enable them. Our Mission states that we look to develop our students into informed, thoughtful, constructive members of society. If we don't embrace justice and disrupt prejudices, we are failing our Mission.

Even though the pandemic has separated us from one another we cannot let that be an excuse for not being active in finding solutions that in the end make the world we live in safe for all. Especially for people who do not have the privilege of safety that many of us do.

Be safe. Be well.


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