An Update from Key's Director of College Advising, Laura Burrell Baxter

We are always proud of our seniors but this year's class is particularly resilient and persistent.  Their entire college process has been surrounded by the effects of the pandemic, and that has made their search for, application to and acceptance from colleges that much more challenging. 

I am impressed with their creative approaches to understanding their schools of interest from afar in a way that is much different from previous senior classes.  Some of our seniors have relied on conversations with Key alumni/ae/x to learn more about specific programs at certain schools, the layout of campuses, and/or the overall ethos and environment of various schools.  Some of our seniors have visited campuses across the nation in-person, firsthand but with not another student in view. 

Never ones to shy away from conversations with adults, some of our seniors have connected directly on Zoom and through email with admission counselors and department heads, asking questions about academics and student/faculty interaction. All of this has been done to determine which schools were the "right fit" for them, the most important part of their college selection process.

Timelines as we knew them have changed dramatically and, as a result, the outcomes for the Class of 2021, normally determined by the end of March, will continue to unfold until mid-April.  Many colleges have seen unprecedented numbers of applications and most colleges were test optional because of the cancellation of the SAT and ACT standardized tests nationwide. Colleges have had to push their decision dates back in order to read applications thoroughly and holistically.

So while things are different, new and challenging, our seniors have maintained a positive attitude and are finding ways to see and celebrate the silver linings. They are also receiving notifications of their Early Action and Early Decision Applications, which have brought good news.

  • We currently have students accepted at large universities, small liberal arts institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and technical universities. 
  • Some offers of admission are to specific degree programs such as nursing, journalism and engineering. 
  • Some have committed to play NCAA Division I and III sports.  
  • And, while it is early, our students are earning impressive scholarship offers which we will share more about as soon as we have a comprehensive overview of the successes of Key's Class of 2021.

While the bulk of Regular Decision and Early Decision II outcomes from the top 100 colleges and universities, Ivy League institutions and others across the country will not be announced until mid-April, we are pleased to share the very beginnings of Key's Class of 2021 College Acceptances comprising Rolling, Early Action and Early Decision announcements, reported to us as of February 1 by the seniors. This list will evolve with ongoing additions over the next few months.

We are very proud of each individual in this impressive class and I look forward to celebrating more about their accomplishments with you soon.