At its core, a school community is quite simple. It is children and a group of caring adults who have made the decision to devote their professional lives to helping them grow.

One of the greatest gifts we can give your children is the desire to be inquisitive. People who ask questions and actively search for answers are the agents of change. At Key, our dedicated faculty educate our students to become confident, independent thinkers, who value honesty, consideration and respect for others. This is incredibly demanding work, and Key is fortunate to have such a tremendous and talented cohort of faculty who are looking forward to supporting your children and being partners in their growth. I hope your children are as excited about the upcoming school year as we are!

While our primary focus is on the present, and the day-to-day experience of your children, we also continue to focus on the future. With the completion of our Campus Master Plan, efforts are underway to make the vision of the plan a reality. This effort will be intertwined with the work that will be led by the Board of Trustees to formulate a new Strategic Plan for Key. I look forward to sharing updates on these efforts, as well as opportunities for parents to offer input that will inform both processes.

It is an exciting time to be at Key. Enjoy the opening weeks of School, and I look forward to seeing many at our Back-to-School Nights and the events that occur in the early fall.



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