KEYnotes: Tom Rossini, Director of Enrollment and Outreach

Five years ago, when I was hired as Director of Enrollment and Outreach, I was given lots of advice on ways to get up to speed on Key. The tidbit of advice, or maybe it was more of a warning, that surprised me the most during my onboarding was this notion that it would take me years to fully understand our program. They weren’t wrong, but what I’ve come to learn is that there will be no single moment in time that I will be confident I know everything about Key, and that’s a really good thing.

Having worked for 10 years in admissions at similar independent schools in the ultra-competitive markets of Boston and New York before coming to Key, and with a somewhat recently minted master’s degree in cognitive science, I knew there would be a learning curve but I also assumed I’d be a quick study.

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