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Key alumni/ae/x consistently demonstrate a lifelong commitment to learning, a core value we work to ignite in our students, and are currently doing some truly amazing things around the world to serve their communities and make a difference.

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Fondest greetings to you all from your friends in Key Theater.  As performers and creative artists across the country and around the world continue to adjust to Arts in the Age of COVID-19, I have found myself giving a great deal of thought to how to deliver an authentic performing arts experience, while adhering to strict safety protocols.  

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A Message from Matthew

Dear Families,

It was no doubt a different start to the School year, and one I think we will never forget. I know we have some hiccups, but with anything new and different that is to be expected. 

We continue to work through the technology glitches and our pick-up and drop-off procedures. Faculty continue to spend many hours outside of their teaching to prepare academic experiences that engage both our on-campus and off-campus students. Students are adjusting to the new routines, but we also know it will take them some time as well. 

Our primary focus right now is on the student academic experience, and implementing the routines and procedures to maintain a safe campus environment. As we work through our protocols there may be changes we need to make. One such change for 8th grade families at pick-up and drop-off is outlined in the Pick-Up and Drop-Off section below.

We believe that morning drop-off will become even more efficient, but we are expecting ongoing challenges with how long pick-up will take as all families converge on campus. We will do our best to get your children safely to your cars in a timely way, but dismissal has always been a challenge at Key, and this new normal for the foreseeable future will only exacerbate it. 

Students did a great job this week abiding by our new campus rules. I appreciate your support, and I am not the least bit surprised by what our students accomplished. We all know that vigilance is important, and appreciate your partnership.

I know that families are inquiring about back-to-school nights and other programs. I am in consultation with Division Heads about the appropriate timing of these events given the staggered start to the year. It is important that faculty understand the new routines, and have a bit more time to get to know your children. We are also exploring the most appropriate virtual format. Look for details in the coming weeks. 

Other meetings and activities will be scheduled after we get our standard Phase B routines down. Expect all of these meetings to be virtual, podcasts or video presentations for the foreseeable future.

I am fully aware of outside organizations and counties that are allowing for sports and other activities to occur. We certainly want to create opportunities for our students when it is safe to do so, and that those activities that may result in the mixing of pods, does not compromise their integrity.  

Right now, the focus is on instruction and the academic day, but we are assessing the viability of these programs and will be in touch. Both the athletic leagues Key is a member of tabled conversations about sports until early October.

On Monday, August 31, at First School dismissal as a Pre-Schooler walked to his mom and gave her a hug, he said "Mommy, I don't want to leave." At our opening faculty and staff meeting I shared with my colleagues that the children at Key are hungry for learning experiences. They want to engage with ideas, and each other. Be it that they are on campus, or off campus, I know the faculty is committed to providing your children with the best experience possible that challenges them to think, question and create. 

Stay safe and be well.


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