3rd & 4th Grade Family Engineering Challenge

  • Lower School
engineering challenge

Nearly fifty families attended the 3rd and 4th grade Family Engineering Challenge in February. Now in its third year, this afternoon event challenges students, with their parents as assistants, to build rockets made of drinking straws. Using rapid iteration--an engineering technique that involves generating lots of ideas and quickly testing them--students attempted to both increase the distance the rockets traveled as well as improve how readily they could hit targets at those distances. The students had to make many quick decisions as they designed their rockets--such as straw length and size, and the material used for the fins. They also had to mix and mold clay for their rocket's nose cone. Most students were able to improve their rocket's trajectory all the way to the maximum target distance of 51 feet 6 inches, which was the wall at the far end of the hallway! Perhaps next year, the event will move outdoors where the sky really will be the limit. See all the photos.