Lower School Thinkering Studios

Lower School Thinkering Studios
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lower schoolThe Lower School Thinkering Studios are in full swing with students taking part in a wide-range of fun and educational engineering and curricular projects.

First graders are honing their fine motor skills by hand-sewing 3-D felt vegetables in connection with their science unit about the origins of food.


In preparation for their work in coding, second graders are developing analytical skills—and persistence—by creating structures, with only gumdrops and toothpicks, designed to hold a heavy dictionary. Throughout the project they effectively problem-solve by adjusting the construction designs to distribute weight differently to achieve success.


Third graders are busy learning about circuitry and creating different designs with LED lighting, while fourth graders are assembling several working computers using detailed blueprints.



Key's Thinkering Studios are places where students go to experience hands-on problem-solving and learn the benefits of collaboration while letting their imaginations soar.



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