Treetop Learning Center Designed for First School Science and Build-It Labs

  • First School

The Treetop Learning Center is a multi-use classroom dedicated to our First School science classes and Build-It Lab. Lessons are coordinated by Sharon Kraynak, Key's First School science teacher.

The Build-It Lab classes are designed to intentionally ask open-ended questions, celebrate diverse outcomes, introduce opportunities for productive failure, and engage in the "making" process alongside the students. Science classes are designed to build upon the lessons taught in our First School classrooms by using the same themes to further explore specific topics. For instance, if a classroom is discussing animals, the science class may focus on the different shapes found in animal tracks.

The Treetop Learning Center is organized into various stations, each offering a different means for encouraging students to tackle developmentally appropriate challenges, while promoting creative problem solving skills, sensory and fine motor skills, and collaborative skills. Stations include a Rigamajig, a magnetic wall, a light table, student tables, and a carpet area.

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