7th and 8th Wind Ensemble Creates Virtual Program

  • Middle School

This year, in lieu of the traditional in-person concert, students in the 7th and 8th grade Wind Ensemble were tasked with creating a virtual program. The students spent three weeks recording--and re-recording--their parts for the full band piece, as well as their individual solos using an online audio-collaboration tool called SoundTrap.

Ginevra Iliff '25, who selected "The Hanging Tree" by Suzanne Collins, Jeremy Fraites and Wesley Schultz as her solo piece on the alto saxophone, noted that "The most exciting part of creating a virtual program was being able to play my work as many times as I wanted to, and in the end could choose whatever recording sounded best. This allowed me to create the best piece possible. I have always enjoyed watching and reading The Hunger Games. When I first heard "The Hanging Tree" I instantly took a liking to it. It wasn't a difficult piece to play, but it made me happy listening to it."

According to Music Department Head Kevin Brady, "The Middle School Wind Ensemble is the ultimate example of patience, persistence and passion. They were extremely patient with me as we all tried to figure out what being in a band would look like while meeting only on virtual days. Our Zoom rehearsals consisted of students playing along with me or an accompaniment track while muted. Still, they persisted in learning their parts, knowing that they were contributing to something bigger than themselves. As we began to put our virtual concert together, their passion for giving their best performance possible took over. While I'm extremely proud of how well the final product came out, I am even more proud of the hard work and dedication that went into it."

This virtual program will be your guide to experiencing the wonderful music that the Wind Ensemble students have learned, practiced and recorded during this trimester.

Wind Ensemble Virtual Program