Career Explorations connect Upper Schoolers with Key Alumni/ae/x

Career Explorations connect Upper Schoolers with Key Alumni/ae/x

Key alumni/ae/x from across the country will be joining Upper Schoolers in Career Explorations, a series of eight networking workshops based upon career interests indicated by the students through a survey. Planned workshops will include alumni/ae/x who work in the fields of healthcare, engineering, science/technology, business/finance, communications/media, art, government/politics, and non-profit.

While Key has long held Career Day as a half-day, on-campus event with alumni/ae/x attending in-person, the ability to use Zoom as a platform for interaction enabled the participation of graduates who have previously not been able to attend due to work obligations and/or their proximity to campus. Many are very enthusiastic about this opportunity to connect with their fellow Obezags in a way they have not been able to do before, and are eager to share their experiences and advice, and answer student questions.

“This is one of the most sought-after events for alumni/ae/x to attend, as they love providing insights and expertise into their time after Key,” said Director of Advancement Steve Ginter, who coordinates outreach to Key alumni/ae/x. “We’re fortunate to have so many who want to share their stories with our Upper School students.”

At Key, students are preparing for Career Explorations by taking a career assessment to help inform their awareness of career fields that may align with their interests and assist them in selecting workshops to attend. 

Designed to give students experience with networking, as well as guidance for the future, Career Explorations provides a student-centric opportunity for them to ask questions of alumni/ae/x. In addition to learning more about the types of colleges, college majors, internships, and pathways that lead to different careers, they will have the chance to learn about different work environments and the importance of connections made through networking. 

Reflecting on the upcoming event, Upper School Division Head Brian Michaels said, “We believe the Key connection they all share will enable the students and alums to build rapport quickly and enjoy this networking experience.”

Visit for a listing of the upcoming workshops and the alumni/ae/x participants.