Class of 2019 Senior Projects

  • Upper School

The Class of 2019 spent the last two weeks of May off campus working on their senior projects. This annual tradition had students interning at the Department of Justice, PBS, an old-fashioned soda company, the National Zoo, the Naval Academy's athletic department, an engineering firm, and a wolf sanctuary deep in the mountains of Colorado. They shadowed ophthalmologists, nurse practitioners, lawyers, pet photographers, financial analysts, speech pathologists, and veterinarians. 

Each year students use this time to explore topics of interest, research intriguing subjects, and open new avenues of potential college majors and even possible professions. During their culminating presentations, each senior presents an overview of their experience to teachers, their peers and younger Upper School students. The sheer diversity of projects embarked on this year was impressive, and provides a window into the varied interests of the Class of 2019.

Projects included:

  • Gaining EMT training and wilderness first responder certification
  • Building a robotic arm
  • Working with the Houston Astros
  • Researching carnivorous plants 
  • Podcasting in Brooklyn, NY
  • Working with an esport team
  • Participating in reef restoration in Belize
  • Volunteering at a hospice
  • Learning about prosthetic design
  • Working on songwriting and music production

The slide show features: Sydney Giddings who went through EMT training at Emergency Medical Services University in Tempe, AZ; Alexandra Reichardt who interned with a pet photographer where she helped schedule and prepare for photo sessions; Alex Zamfirov who worked with indie musician and producer Nick Elward to create a song in his style, featuring vocals by none other than Nelward himself; Rachael Fisher and Julia Leney who worked at the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden in Wilmington, NC, researching pitcher plants (seen in the background) and Venus flytraps: Grace Jones who is shown scrubbing in prior to entering the OR to watch ophthalmologist Dr. Alyson Hall operate; Drew Loughlin, Nico Montenegro and Graham Wood who were at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland interviewing senior-level staff and researching how the WHO responds to public health emergencies, focusing on the Ebola outbreak; and Colin Ostenso who interned for alum Maris Beigel '10 at Ameriprise Financial where he learned about financial planning, investment management and stock analysis.