College Representatives Meet Key’s Seniors!

College Representatives Meet Key’s Seniors!

A crucial part of the college application and decision-making process for Key seniors occurs every year from September through November—college representatives visiting Key’s campus. Over the course of the fall, Key’s Director of College Advising Laura Burrell Baxter invites over 100 colleges from around the country to come to campus or schedule Zoom meetings with seniors who have applied to the schools. These important meetings give our students and the colleges they are interested in a chance to get to know each other. It’s a great opportunity for both the colleges and Key’s students to ask questions, express interest, talk about the future, and, most importantly, build relationships. 

While in-person chats are preferred (and the most fun!), the advent of Zoom has expanded opportunities for the seniors by allowing them to meet with college representatives who, due to travel distances, traditionally haven’t been able to make the trip to Annapolis. As a bonus, the Zoom calls make it possible for Key alumni/ae/x at the colleges to join the meeting and give the seniors a deeper look into the student experience. 

These college meetings focus on schools that seniors have already expressed an interest in; however, Laura Burrell Baxter also uses the fall and winter to scout colleges that have not been on students’ radars, but could be a good fit in the future. She believes that building these relationships and widening the scope of possibilities for Key’s students is a hugely important aspect of her job. 

 “Connecting with college admission counselors on our campus or theirs provides me with an opportunity to form a relationship with a school,” she explains. “They get to know the unique qualities of a Key education, I learn about the program offerings at the school, and we both improve our ability to find the right fit for our students. That is the ultimate goal in college admission counseling, on both sides of the desk.  Finding the right fit for a student is a win-win for everyone!”

The proof of all this bridge-building is evidenced in the wide variety of schools Key’s seniors both apply to and attend/matriculate: Vanderbilt, Howard, Rochester Institute of Technology, the Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of Maryland, Columbia, Brown, Bryn Mawr, the Naval Academy, and more. Take a look!

Photo Captions:

Outdoor photo - Tulane University representative visits Key's campus
Zoom photo - Bates College representative as well as alumni/ae/x Maggie Nespole '19 meet virtually with Key student and Laura Burrell Baxter