First Grade Pumpkin Math

  • Lower School

Key’s first graders participated in an exciting pumpkin math project. Working in groups, they explored estimation and used different tools to collect data. The first task was to estimate the weight, height, girth (circumference), and number of ribs of their group’s pumpkin. Then they used rulers, tape measures and a scale to find the actual measurements. They also predicted whether or not their pumpkins would sink or float. Spoiler alert: pumpkins float. After discovering that, the classes discussed the fact that pumpkins are buoyant because they are mainly hollow inside despite their size.

The biggest and messiest job of all was estimating and then counting how many seeds were inside of their group’s pumpkin! To reinforce counting efficiency and number patterns they had been working on the last few weeks, the children counted the seeds in groups of ten. Finally, the students made observations based on their findings, which they then recorded in their math journals.

This multi-day activity was not only lots of fun but a perfect example of interdisciplinary teaching; employing an interconnected blend of math, science and language arts.

To see all the photos, go to Key's Flickr photo album "1st Grade Pumpkin Math"