First School Students Take On the Traverse Wall

First School Students Take On the Traverse Wall
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The First School students are climbing the walls! Quite literally, students in Key-Wee, Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten have begun taking on the traverse wall in our Activity Building.

In an effort to give students the opportunity to engage in a new space and work on new skills, physical education teacher Jonnie Jenkins reached out to the First School faculty about utilizing the traverse wall during their Monday morning recess. The classes will continue this activity through the end of the academic year.

Mr. Jenkins has already noticed a difference in the students' skill development. "In just two days all of our students have made significant progress from just gathering the courage to hang on the wall for a moment, to attempting to scale up or sideways on the wall. Each small movement is a feat of its own, and helps to increase the courage and self-confidence of every student." ​

In addition to building courage and self-confidence, Mr. Jenkins points out that while on the traverse wall students are busy developing their kinesthetic awareness (the ability to connect the mind to the physical movements of the body), proprioception (understanding the complex positions of your hands and feet, and moving them in unison), physical problem-solving, and healthy risk-taking.