Kindergarten Classes Create "Boxosauruses" During Dinosaur Unit

Kindergarten Classes Create "Boxosauruses" During Dinosaur Unit
  • First School

If you're not familiar with boxosauruses, our Kindergarten students can tell you all about them. As part of the unit on dinosaurs, students have been busy researching various known dinosaurs and creating 3D replicas out of recyclables based on the information they uncover.

"Our students have been immersed in dinosaur information and activities. For this project, some students chose to make an authentic dinosaur and some chose to create a new one from their imagination," said Kindergarten teacher Sherie Coates.

Each student also completes a research paper detailing the dinosaur's size, its habitat and diet. From teacher Vicki Bushmann, "The children also compared their footprints to a stegosaurus footprint. They traced their own foot and discovered how many of their feet fit into the stegosaurus footprint."

These budding paleontologists also made ‘fossils’ with Becky Fetters and completed an art project with Bethani DaGrossa, creating an oversized class book with artwork inspired by Eric Carle.