Middle School Global Studies Program Embarks on Global Action Project

Eighth graders have embarked on a new year-long experience, the Global Action Project (GAP), designed to provide eighth grade students the opportunity to learn about a variety of contemporary issues, select one to conduct in-depth research on, and take meaningful action about at a local level. The overarching theme for the project is to have students "Think Globally, Act Locally."

The project is broken into three phases, spread over the course of an entire academic year. Phase one, which was recently completed, introduces students to each of the ten topics. Phase two asks students to select one of the topics to research. Phase three will require students to develop and execute a plan for taking action to address their chosen issue on a local level. As a culmination to their GAP, students will write an analytical essay and present their action project in a public forum. 

We look forward to following along with their progress throughout the year, and providing updates as the students move through each of the phases.

Phase 1: Working in small groups, students were assigned one of the ten global issues and asked to create a mini-poster capturing salient aspects of their issue using both words and images. The topics researched were: Clean Water, Human Trafficking, Climate Change, Homelessness, Mental Health/Substance Abuse, LGBTQ+, Immigration, Police Brutality, Gun Control, and Food Insecurity. Beginning in January, students will move forward with phase two, working individually to select the topic of most interest to them and beginning their independent research.  More to come on GAP in 2020!