Upper School Virtual Art Show

  • Upper School

Enjoy this sampling of art created by Key’s Upper School students over the past few months. The slideshow showcases work from four visual arts classes:
Students in Art 1 created sketchbook projects based on the elements of art which are the basic components or building blocks of art (i.e.,  color, value, line, texture, shape, form, and space). Artists use the elements of art to express their ideas as a form of visual communication. The students also used charcoal and chalk to create an autumn still life from observation. 
Students in the Digital Art class created several projects in the last few months. They were tasked with producing a Public Service Announcement poster based on a cause that is important to them, using the design of old iPod commercials as inspiration. They also created a kaleidoscope image from one of their photographs. The latest project found students piecing together different backgrounds and body parts to create a unique mythical creature. 
Digital Photography students created two series of work. The first project was capturing moments in their everyday environment based on elements of art. The second project asked students to capture a single subject using a variety of points of view. 
Key’s highest level AP students are creating work based on their personal concepts as they continue to develop the breadth of their artwork and technique.


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*Thumbnail art by Elizabeth Hughes '21