Welcome to Key's New Faculty & Staff!

Welcome to Key's New Faculty & Staff!
  • First School
  • Lower School
  • Middle School
  • Upper School

We are thrilled to introduce this incredible group of professionals to the Key community this year. They bring a wide array of skills and experiences from which our students will surely benefit. When you see them on campus, please be sure to welcome them!

Kate Austin, Director of Communications

Delaney Aydel, Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Elizabeth Burks, 1st grade Assistant Teacher

Gabrielle Bruestle, Upper School Latin Teacher

Amal Carter, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Kristi Erin, Middle School Science Teacher

Jennifer Ford, Middle & Upper School Counselor

Jermaine Hawkins, Lower School Administrative Assistant

Ketsy Hernandez, Middle School Spanish Teacher

Gregory Holloway, Upper School Jazz Band Director

Iris Latsios, Pre-School Assistant Teacher

Kelsey Miller, Associate Director for Admission, Middle School

Robert Mimms, Upper School Student Leadership Coordinator

Matthew Nichols, Upper School After School Library Supervisor

Nolan Powell, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher (Long-Term Sub)

Heather Rickard, Key-Wee Assistant Teacher

Cristella Rivera-Catalano, Middle School Spanish Teacher

Christy Serinis, Middle School Science Coordinator

Pearl Shen, Upper School Art Teacher (Long-Term Sub)

Liza Sulinski, 4th Grade Teacher

Karina Sweeney, Lower School Music Teacher (Long-Term Sub)

Crystal Wyatt, Key-Wee Teacher

(photo by Crystal Wyatt)