1:1 Laptop Program

Key School has a 1:1 personal laptop program for all students in grades 5-12. Fifth and sixth grade students use School-issued Chromebooks which are kept at Key; students in grades seven through twelve bring their own laptop to school each day.

We are aware this program may require families to purchase a new device and assure you we have taken costs into account when deciding upon the necessary specifications. Families will not be required to purchase top-tier laptops to ensure compatibility with Key's systems. See below for requirements.


Required Laptop Specifications

Please note: Fifth and sixth grade students will use School-issued Chromebooks, which will be kept at Key; students in grades seven through twelve will need to bring their own laptop to school each day. Devices must meet the following specifications:

  • Full-sized laptop
    • Smartphones, iPads, Android tablet devices, Windows RT tablets, and eReaders such as the Nook and Kindle do not meet the School’s requirements.
  • Full-sized physical keyboard
    • This requirement is critical for extended writing assignments (e.g. research papers, longer communications, etc.). Smaller keyboards lead to cramped and tired hands, and on-screen keyboards don’t facilitate rapid or extended writing.
  • Wireless capability
    • The laptop must have a WiFi card and be able to connect to the wireless network at Key.
  • Long-lasting battery
    • Device should advertise at least eight to ten hours of time on battery power when brand new. Rechargeable batteries lose their effectiveness over time, therefore a laptop that holds its charge for several hours when brand new may only last a fraction of that time after the battery has been recharged several hundred times. Proper care and treatment of the battery can delay but not fully prevent this. A student whose battery is continually dead may need to purchase a new battery.
  • Modern web browser
    • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge is a must-have and is the foundation of all applications for student and classroom use.
  • Power on in less than 90 seconds/wake from sleep in under 30 seconds
    • When the machine is fully powered off, it should boot up and be ready for full use in less than 90 seconds. When opening the lid in sleep mode, the device must be ready for operation within 30 seconds. This timer includes logging in and loading any initial applications.
  • Warranty/Support
    • We strongly encourage families to invest in a warranty/support plan for student devices. This will minimize out of pocket expense should the device sustain damage or malfunction. It should also ensure timely repairs should something go awry.

Any computer with the listed specifications will meet your child’s daily needs at school.

If you decide you are interested in purchasing a new computer, we offer the following general information. There are many options available at big box stores like Best Buy and Target to meet the requirements of Key’s 1:1 program. It is not necessary to purchase a top-tier machine.