Chums Partnership

Students at The Key School make global connections in part as members of the Chums Partnership, a collaboration between students and teachers in three schools on three continents. Since 2005, a partnership between Key School, Chumbageni Primary School in Tanzania, and Somers Park Primary School in England has served to deepen international friendships and broaden understandings of diverse communities around the world.

The core objectives of the partnership are to foster global citizenship, emphasize interdependence among citizens and places around the world, and to share experiences and ideas through engagement in environmental sustainability projects in each school's community.

Key joined the Chums partnership when a relationship was established between Key and Somers Park through Global Gateway, a program that works to develop collaborations between schools around the world. Somers Park was looking for an American school to join their existing partnership with Chumbageni. Key saw this triangular global link across three continents as a wonderful opportunity for the School’s students to broaden their understanding of the world community, and eagerly committed to the partnership.

The three schools chose the name Chums to honor the students at Chumbageni and to reference the students’ international friendships.

Chums Teachers Visit Key School, June 2010

A Visit to Chumbageni Primary School, 2011