Learning Department

With the recognition that children learn in different ways, the School's goal is to determine the strengths and areas for growth in each child's learning profile so that academic needs can be effectively met at each stage of development.


Key's commitment to address individual learning needs grows out of its Mission Statement. Established in 1976 when the first learning specialist joined the School, Key's Learning Department provides services to students in our First School through grade twelve.

The Learning Department serves students' needs through the employment of assessment testing, curriculum development, research, faculty professional development, and coordination of tutoring and small group support.

The School works proactively with families and provides guidance and support should it become evident that a student's learning needs cannot be effectively met within Key's program.

The Learning Department provides services such as the Center for Academic Support in Upper School and support for Language Training and Workshop (taught in grades two through eight). Department members also work closely with the Upper and Middle School Writing Labs and Math Labs, provide assessments across Divisions, support for faculty instruction and methodology by introducing new ideas and materials, and enrichment opportunities for students as well as support for the School's Life Skills program and the mentoring program for new teachers. Further initiatives include faculty professional development in curriculum design and assessment techniques.

Areas of Focus By Division

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