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Summer Assignments

Each library provides summer reading lists and resources for students in all grades with carefully selected titles for recreational reading as well as curricular reading, if appropriate. Required summer reading lists for Middle and Upper School students are accompanied by links to guiding questions, study guides or detailed assignments. 

Summer assignments include math work for rising students in grades 4-12. These assignments aim to keep young minds from growing rusty over the summer months. Completing the work found in each grade or course-specific packet ensures that students will hit the ground running when school meets again.

Upper School students will find assignments for some science, humanities and world language courses as well. 


Please refer to the Division the student will be entering in 2023-2024.

First School
Key-Wee - Kindergarten

Lower School
Grades 1-4

Middle School
Grades 5-8

Please refer to the grade the student will be entering in 2023-2024.

Upper School
Grades 9-12

Please refer to the courses the student will be taking in 2023-2024.