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If your course is not listed, there is no summer work required.

French I/II

Please note: The summer assignment for French I/II is only for students who have previous exposure to French. If this is a student's first year of French, the work does not need to be completed. 

  • Complete this work packet. Read all explanations and directions carefully. Verbs need to be conjugated in the present tense. The activities will introduce you to the basic concepts covered in the course or help you review them.

French III

  • Lisons comme ça!
    By: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
    ISBN: 9780658017414
    This text will be used in the upcoming school year

Read Deuxième Partie, Les grandes figures de l'histoire, chap.16-22, pp. 119-146. Select five chapters and answer the questions at the end of the chapters in complete sentences in French

French IV

  • Le Petit Prince
    By: Antoine St. Exupéry
    ISBN: 9780156013987

Read the first nine chapters of the book. Select your favorite chapter and 1) explain in one well-developed paragraph in French, consisting of about 10-15 lines, why you selected this chapter, and  2) create a short creative video inspired from your reading.

French V

  • La Symphonie Pastorale
    By: André Gide
    ISBN: 9782070360185

Read up to page 55 (29 février).  

  1. Summarize the reading in French in about two and a half pages, double spaced. Be sure to incorporate five quotes that you believe are important in the passage. 
  2. Select two of the following characters and characterize them in two different paragraphs, about twelve lines each: le Pasteur, Gertrude, Jacques, and Amelie.

French Literature and Film

  • Candide ou l'optimisme
    By: François Voltaire
    ISBN: 9782266082662

Read Chapters 1 - 10 and be ready to discuss them.