Life Skills

The Life Skills program supports and guides students in their unique, personal development and in their efforts to mature socially, emotionally and ethically.


Since 1958, Key School has focused on developing good citizens; students who internalize and uphold the values of respect, responsibility and honesty. This is realized through a developmentally-appropriate Life Skills Curriculum, integrated into academic classes and co-curricular activities (i.e., athletics, outdoor education, fine and performing arts) across all divisions of the school.

2016 graduating senior class

The curriculum focuses on five distinct areas:

  • Citizenship and Leadership
  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  • Human Development
  • Self-Awareness/Self-Regulation
  • Physical/Emotional Well-Being

Life Skills instruction begins on the very first day of school with First School students learning to work cooperatively, share and respect others. The focus for Lower and Middle School students is developing positive peer relations, effective executive function skills (i.e., planning, organization, self-motivation), and collaborative skills for group work. The program culminates in Upper School as students learn to self-regulate and assume greater roles as stewards of the community, designing service projects and other activities and events for students in all divisions.