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The unique educational and developmental needs of the adolescent determine the basis for the Middle School program. As students face new expectations and strive to develop their identities, teaching strategies promote individual development while recognizing the importance of cooperative learning and group membership.

Recognizing that early adolescence is a time of tremendous physical and emotional change, Key helps students gain confidence and develop independence by providing a supportive and caring environment in which to learn. Multidisciplinary experiences, hands-on student-directed activities, and first-hand contact with primary sources promote enthusiastic student participation.

As they mature, students assume more responsibility. Teachers and students work together in an atmosphere of respect and sensitivity for others, and experience the joy of discovering, learning and knowing.

Dave Magnus

Middle School Division Head


Defining Elements

  • Foundational Curriculum, Innovative Approach
    Students learn the foundational academic building blocks they need to succeed in Middle School and beyond. They learn by doing, making connections between units of study and the real world, and having fun!
  • Personalized Learning 
    Close relationships between students and teachers are a hallmark of the Key School experience. Small class sizes in a tight-knit community allow teachers to know their students well and tailor learning to their strengths, needs and interests.
  • Motivation Mindset 
    Key’s motivation mindset shifts emphasis away from pure outcomes and toward effort and process. Key students learn that struggle is normal and part of learning, challenges are opportunities to improve, and that setting goals and working hard are just as important as achieving them.
  • Diverse, Inclusive Community 
    During the formative middle school years, students are molded into careful listeners, ethical decision-makers and self-assured individuals who are inclusive of others and advocates for justice in their school and their communities. They also know coming to Key as their authentic selves will be respected, valued and supported.
  • Advisory & Academic Support

    The advisory program creates a sense of community and ensures that each student has an adult who can act as their advocate. Each advisor mentors their advisees in Life Skills, organization, time management, study skills, and homework management in addition to helping students set reasonable, yet challenging goals.

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