Advisory & Academic Support

Middle School

Key’s advisory program is designed to create a strong support system students need to develop academically, socially and emotionally.

The advisory program creates a sense of community and ensures each student has an adult who can act as their advocate.

Each advisor mentors their advisees in Life Skills, organization, time management, study skills, and homework management in addition to helping students set reasonable, yet challenging goals.

Advisory groups meet a minimum of twice a day Monday through Thursday at the start of the school day to prepare for the day ahead and during an advisory period just before the end of the school day to get a head start on homework or assignments. These advisory periods offer the opportunity for students to seek out help from teachers in classes or assignments. On Fridays, students end their week with an enrichment activity of their choice during their afternoon advisory period.

The advisor is also an important source of information—for parents, other faculty and administrators— to help gain insight and identify issues before they arise. 

Academic Support

Academic support is readily accessible in Middle School. All students are encouraged to take advantage of some form of extra help from time to time. 

In addition to the availability of core teachers to help students when extra support is needed, the Middle School Learning Department is a resource for students with learning differences or who require more advanced coursework. 

The Middle School Learning Department:

  • Partners with Middle School teachers and advisors to better understand individual students' learning profiles and, when necessary, assess and address particular learning challenges.
  • Provides support to all students in conjunction with other faculty members.
  • Teaches Middle School Workshop, a support class to enhance reading, written expression, math, and executive function skills.