Co-Curricular Activities

Middle School


The Middle School athletic program evolves from intramurals and “game days” for fifth graders to beginning interscholastic competition in sixth grade. The program’s highest priorities are to develop skills, commitment and teamwork, and to ensure meaningful participation in both practices and games.

Key athletics are inclusive and competitive. The School values interscholastic competition and team experience so highly, it believes every student should have the opportunity to participate. Key’s coaches pride themselves on using the appropriate level of competitiveness to help students master their sports and the lessons that come from working toward a common goal in a competitive atmosphere.

The School offers fall soccer and spring basketball for students in fifth grade. This program meets twice per week during the season including scheduled play days with local schools to introduce students to basic skills and the concept of interscholastic competition.

Three season interscholastic sports begin in sixth grade and teams practice or play games each day of the week. Coaches work with players on individual and team development. Players learn how to incorporate their skills into game play and how to work as a team towards accomplishing a goal.

Cross Country
Sailing (8th Grade)


Sailing (8th Grade)

Outdoor Education

While we love having students on campus, we also love to see them go. Outdoors, that is. Creating opportunities for experiential learning through outdoor education is an integral part of the Middle School experience. In addition to being really fun, the trips teach students about the natural world and its relevance to the classroom.

The Outdoor Education curriculum directly links to every academic discipline as well as making connections to major school initiatives like Life Skills, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, and leadership development.

Examples of Middle School Outdoor Education experiences include:

  • 5th grade: Key School Fusco Athletic Park and Williamsburg, Virginia 
  • 6th grade: Sandy Hill Camp, Maryland and Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia
  • 7th grade: Appalachian Trail and Patuxent River Park, Maryland
  • 8th grade: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia and Wye Island, Maryland

Visual & Performing Arts

The arts at Key School offer students another medium for communication and a platform for collaboration and experiential learning. 

Middle School students enjoy a rich array of opportunities to learn skills and explore talents in the visual and performing arts. Annual performances and events include a Key Theater spring production, spring Chorus, Key Strings and Wind Ensemble concerts. In addition, gallery displays throughout the year highlight students’ visual art creations.

Visual Arts: Includes ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, 

Performing Arts: Theater Elective and Middle School Play

Music: Orff Schulwerk music program (5th and 6th grade), wind ensemble, string ensemble, Obezag Singers (chorus), percussion ensemble

Enrichment Activities and Clubs & Academic Teams

Key's Activity program offers Middle School students time during their school day on Fridays to engage in a variety of activities including academic support, extended learning opportunities, sport and fitness programming, creative arts, and social events.

Students are empowered to pursue areas of interest or learn something new while developing friendships based on common interests. 

Enrichment Activities Include:

Art Studio
Beach Treasures
Board Games
Build a Computer
Cardboard Boats
Chess Club
Code Game - Python
Coding Club
Computer Programming
Creative Writing

Debate Club
Destination Imagination
Earth Justice
Environmental Club
Fabric Arts
Fantasy Football
Flag Football
French Films
Girls Who Code
Hockey Games
Homework Club

Independent Reading
Instrumental Ensemble
Jewelry Making
Lego Masters
Literary Magazine
Lower School Math Helpers
Middle School Newspaper
Photo-Video Club
Preschool Pals

Spanish Club
Social Action Club
Student Forum
Theater Workshop
Website Design
Wind Ensemble
Wire Art
Yoga & Mindfulness