Middle School Athletics

Obezag Athletes learn to find the balance between individual achievement and the needs of the team.


The athletic program evolves from intramurals and “game days” for fifth graders to beginning interscholastic competition in sixth grade. In the Middle School, the program’s highest priorities are to develop skills, commitment, and teamwork, and to ensure meaningful participation in both practices and games.

Key athletics are inclusive and competitive. The school values interscholastic competition and team experience so much it believes that every student should have the opportunity to participate.Key’s coaches pride themselves on using the appropriate level of competitiveness to help students master their sports and the lessons that come from working toward a common goal in a competitive atmosphere.

The School offers fall soccer and spring basketball for students in fifth grade. This program meets twice per week during the season including scheduled play days with local schools to introduce students to basic skills and the concept of interscholastic competition.

Three season interscholastic sports begin in sixth grade and teams practice or play games each day of the week. Coaches work with players on individual and team development. Players learn how to incorporate their skills into game play and how to work as a team towards accomplishing a goal.


In the United States, approximately 75% of students stop playing sports by age 13. At Key, approximately 75% of our student participate in the athletics program through graduation.