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Known for the quality of its college preparatory curriculum, the Upper School encourages intellectual rigor, independence of thought and openness to differing ideas and perspectives.

The Upper School is distinguished by its emphasis on writing, critical reading and thinking, interdisciplinary approaches to learning, and experiential education. Students learn by doing—in the classroom or laboratory, on the athletic field, on the stage or in the studio, on campus or off.

In a culture that fosters participation, collaboration, exploration of ideas, and discourse, Upper School students develop intellectual maturity and form the kind of leadership skills that empower them to have an impact on the larger world. All students are encouraged to take an active role in the community and seize opportunities to clarify and act on their own convictions.

Openness to student input—coupled with strong faculty support both inside and outside the classroom—ensures Key students’ investment in their work. Students flourish as they take risks, ask questions and go beyond their own comfort levels, beyond that which comes easily.

Brian Michaels

Upper School Division Head

Give high school girls stand together outside on a green field with arms around each other smiling in neon yellow shirts
Two high school boys sit smiling on blue bleachers outside on a green soccer field with plates of food in their hands
An outdoor shot of the new Science and Library Center with a very steeply pitched roof and white walls
Four high school girls stand outside with paddles in hand wearing rafting gear smiling and giving the thumbs up
A female high school senior stands off to the side of the stage holding her diploma while an adult male stands at the podium
High school boys run on a green soccer field wearing their blue and white jerseys
A hallway with wood floors and a blue and white wall decal with the Key School seal
Five high school students stand on stage leaning in to listen through a door in the Upper School's production of Clue
A group of high school seniors cheer and hold their trophy in the air after winning the Zag Bowl football game
Two African American high school girls stand together outside smiling wearing blue rock climbing helmets
Four high school seniors stand together on a dock wearing life jackets and holding a red, yellow and black flag
Two high school boys and three high school girls stand with arms around each other in formal wear smiling
A female high school volleyball player jumps in the air in front of the net poised to spike the ball
High School students gather in the newly renovated Science and Library Center sitting at tables along a wall of windows
Two female high school seniors sit outside at a wooden picnic bench with laptops open in front of them smiling
Two high school girls look up in the air to measure the height that a rocket flew using a compass tool

Defining Elements

  • Interdisciplinary & Integrated Curriculum
    Students pursue knowledge, ideas and understanding within and among academic disciplines. They are actively engaged in the learning process and encouraged to draw from a variety of sources as they solve problems.
  • Emphasis on Skill Development
    Critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills are valued above rote content memorization. Upper School students build an understanding of concepts from research, class discussions and group and individual project work, and use primary sources to present and defend their points of view.
  • Academic Advisory & Support
    The Advisory program exists to enhance students' academic performance and overall well-being by ensuring that each student has ready access to an adult in the School who knows the student well and can provide informed advocacy, oversight and guidance. Additionally, all faculty are available when the need for occasional assistance arises and Upper School Learning Specialists are resources for students with specific learning needs.
  • Individualized College Counseling
    Beginning in ninth grade, students and families receive one-on-one, tailored guidance from Key's Director of College Advising throughout the college search and admission process with the ultimate goal of finding the institution and program with the best "fit" for each student.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
    The Upper School program approaches diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in myriad ways, both explicitly through the academic curriculum and implicitly through student and faculty collaboration and interaction.

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