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Upper School

Grades 9-12

Defining Elements of Key's Upper School

Experimental Design

Experimental Design is an elective science course that provides juniors and seniors the opportunity to craft a lab or field-based experiment of their own design.

Independent Study

Offered as a one semester, one-half credit class, Independent Study provides an engaging opportunity for seniors to pursue a specific area of interest through dedicated, in-depth study.

Writing Center

Fostering excellence in writing as a tool to sharpen and define a student’s thinking has always been a hallmark of a Key education, and the Writing Center is a concrete manifestation of commitment.

Integrated Science

The Integrated Science Program incorporates aspects of chemistry, biology and physics into each of Key's required science classes in lieu of teaching them separately.

College Advising

The college advising process at Key is comprehensive and student-centered.

Curricular Overview

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