Academic Requirements

The academic year at Key is divided into semesters. Classes meet on a block system. Each class meets for two seventy-minute periods and two forty-five minute periods per week. Students take a minimum of five courses each semester, with each full year course being equal to one credit. In order to graduate, students must earn at least 19 credits and present as a minimum:

Minimum Academic Requirements
Arts2 credits
English4 credits
History3 credits
Foreign Language3 credits
Mathematics3 credits
Physical Education1 credit
Science3 credits

Advanced Placement

The following courses are wholly dedicated to A.P. preparation: French VI (French Literature); Spanish V (Spanish Language); Latin IV (Virgil); Calculus (AB and BC); Biology; Chemistry; Studio Art. The following A.P. opportunities are also available: Physics; Statistics; English Composition and Literature (English 12); American History (American Civilization); French Language (French V).